'The Goonies' home sold to fan after being listed at $1.63 million

‘No one will get in unless they do the truffle shuffle! New owner of ‘The Goonies’ house in Oregon says they will preserve it as a ‘landmark’ after the superfan bought it for $1.65m

  • The iconic home from ‘The Goonies’ has sold to a super-fan of the film for more than $1.6 million 
  • The house, which was listed at $1.65 million, sold in less than a week, to a super-fan who promises to ‘preserve and protect the landmark’ 
  • A realtor associated with the lot also said the home next door was recently purchased by a friend of ‘The Goonies’ new owner after being listed at $555,000 
  • In November Broker Jordan Miller with John L. Scott Real Estate said that his firm has received plenty of interest on ‘The Goonies’ home 

The iconic home from Steven Spielberg’s 1985 film ‘The Goonies’ has sold to a super-fan of the movie less than a week after it hit the market. 

Property records indicate that the owners accepted an offer on the Astoria, Oregon home just six days after it was posted for $1.65 million. 

‘After the word spread that the property was for sale, we received multiple offers, at asking price and higher, and we have a full back-up offer,’ says Jordan Miller of L. Scott Real Estate

According to Miller, the new owner ‘promises to preserve and protect the landmark’ as he is a massive fan of the coming-of-age film. 

The new owner’s name is expected to be released in January when the sale of the home is finalized. Miller told OregonLive.com the man describes himself as a ‘serial entrepreneur.’

The 2,000 square foot house that features in the 1985 classic the Goonies was listed for $1.65million

The house, which is now owned by Sandi Preston, was recently restored ahead of its arrival on the market

A still from the 1985 film which shows the façade of the house looks much the same as it does now

In a written statement shared by Miller, the new buyer said that he hopes to preserve the integrity of the home, and reincorporate some fun aspects from the film. 

‘Of course, no one gets in unless they do the truffle shuffle,’ he jokes in his written statement.

The local news outlet also reported that seller Sandi Preston is planning to hand off some of the movie memorabilia she has collected from fans over the years. 

Additionally, the original furniture for the home, which was built in 1896, may also be sold to the new owner of 368 38th Street. 

The realtor said the new owner saw the movie when it first debuted in 1985 alongside his mom, brother, sister and his friend, Mikey, and considers himself a diehard ‘Goonie.’ 

‘My childhood friendships were, and still are, instrumental to my development and success,’ he told Miller.

The childhood friendships may stay strong, too, as Miller said a friend of the new owner recently bought the property next door, which had been listed at $555,000.  

Preston has gone through phases of allowing and disallowing fans from coming to see the house

In 2015 blue tarpaulin appeared on parts of the house and the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce began to discourage visits

‘Buying this home is one huge step in showing your dreams can become reality with the right friends around you. You don’t have to be rich to achieve your dreams, but you do need a strong support group, honesty and a desire for adventure.’

He said he believes the true-meaning of being a ‘Goonie’ is being a fierce and protective friend to the end. 

The new owner told the real estate agent he sees the sale as a way to relive his childhood and embrace Oregon’s ‘almost daily fog that can either turn into pure sunshine or a cozy day at the coast.’ 

When asked what excites him the most about the property, he said he can’t wait to ‘live in the Goon docks.’ 

An aerial shot of The Goonies house in white, 368 38th Street, and neighboring properties 

The official sale comes just weeks after DailyMail.com reported the home owners had received a hefty number of calls and inquiries into the listing. 

‘Within 72 hours of listing, the world is showing exactly how much impact this movie has had on hearts and minds over the years,’ Miller said in an interview.  

‘People from many countries and all walks of life are calling to inquire about how they can be the next owner of this iconic property,’ Miller said in November. 

The film’s cast find a map in the house’s attic (left) and stand on its historic porch (right)

Fans of the film have been flocking to the private residence since the movie first debuted in 1985.   

At one point, Preston had to cutoff access to the home after fans visited the home in droves for the 30th anniversary. 

A blue tarpaulin appeared on parts of the house and the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce began to discourage visits, the newspaper said. The city also posted signs prohibiting parking on 38th Street.

The Goonies has long been celebrated in Astoria – in 2010 the mayor at the time Willis Van Dusen made June 7 a city holiday and called it Goonies Day.

Until last year the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce even held an event every five years celebrating the movie.

A distinctive ladder from the film leads up into the attic, which is now one of the house’s four bedrooms

The history of the house has certainly enhanced its value as a similar property next door is being sold by the same broker and listed for $550,000

Certain rooms boast views of the Atlantic Ocean

The four bedroom house has two bathrooms and a dining room

It’s been a good year for movie-buffs looking to purchase iconic homes from 1980s films. 

Around the same time ‘The Goonies’ home was listed, the house featured in the 1983 classic film, ‘A Christmas Story,’ hit the market in Cleveland, Ohio.

The home, located in Cleveland’s Tremont neighborhood, was built in 1895 and was extensively remodeled to create the well-known Christmas film set. 

Last bought on eBay in 2004, the owners swiftly restored the property and turned it into a tourist hotspot. 

Super-fans have even had the opportunity to stay in Ralphie and Randy’s room and the Bumpus’ House overnight, leaving some fans to hope the new owners keep up the tradition. 

‘Praying for someone who loves the movie just as much to buy everything and keep it running,’ one person wrote on social media. ‘So glad I was able to stay the night in the house.’

The iconic home from the 1983 classic A Christmas Story is on the market after being turned into a tourist hot spot in Cleveland, Ohio

The home was built in 1895 and was extnsively remodeled to create the well-known Christmas film set

The home underwent extensive remodeling before its filming and release in 1983

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