Stand Up for Black Girls

Did you know that Black girls as young as five-years-old face hair discrimination? It’s true—and it’s time it stopped. 

In a recent Dove study (2021 CROWN Research Study for Girls), 53% of Black mothers whose daughters have experienced hair discrimination say it first started when they were as young as five. In most U.S. states, it is perfectly legal to discriminate against women and children because of their hair—read on to learn more and see how you can take a stand today.

Discrimination Depletes Our Girls

Race-based hair discrimination is prevalent and has a lasting impact on Black girls and their self-esteem. While 90% of Black girls believe their hair is beautiful, the micro-aggressions and discrimination they face negatively effects on how they see themselves. This trauma shows up in different ways, for example, Black teens miss about a week of school each year due to hair dissatisfaction, according to the Dove CROWN Research Study for Girls,

Hair bias is often prevalent in predominantly white schools where Black girls are most vulnerable. In fact, 66% of Black girls in majority-white schools report experiencing hair discrimination—compared with 45% in all school environments. And 81% in majority-white schools say they sometimes wish their gorgeous, naturally kinky or curly hair was straight. 

It’s Time to Act

The Supreme Court doesn’t consider a hair discrimination case, essentially giving employers permission to ban many natural hairstyles that are inherent to our racial identity and culture. We need to take care of our children right now and in the future—and that starts with the CROWN Act. It will ensure protection against discrimination based on race-based hairstyles by extending statutory protection to hair texture and protective styles (such as braids, locs, twists and knots) in the workplace and public schools.

If you want make change, try driving awareness about hair bias and discrimination across your social media channels. Advocate to make hair discrimination illegal in workplaces and schools (State and Federal) by signing the petition and inspiring lawmakers to take action by writing to your state legislator(s). Help to shift culture by changing perceptions, attitudes, behavior, and accountability related to hair and hair discrimination.

Let’s work together to take care of our children with the CROWN Act. Help Dove pass the Federal CROWN Act bill by spreading the word and signing the petition at 

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