Museum makes bizarre request after sneaky guests are caught ROMPING behind exhibitions on CCTV | The Sun

A MUSEUM in Poland has been forced to ask visitors to stop having sex whilst visiting after it said high-quality CCTV system had caught couples romping.

Fort Gerhard museum in Świnoujście, also known as the Eastern Fort, is one of the best preserved Prussian military facilities on the European continent dating back to the 19th-century.

In a Facebook post on its official page, the military museum has asked "guests in love" to refrain from getting steamy in the building.

"Our guests are kindly requested… how can we put it… no ars amandi [the art of love] in the museum, please!

“For some time the museum has been equipped with cameras! And if they could talk…"

The museum staff continued: "We understand that [our] unique exhibits and uniformed service can give you chills, excitation and excitement!


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"We ask our amorous guests to be understanding – most of the exhibits in our museum are from many years ago and accustomed to entirely different moral norms – conservative, even orthodox and abstemious.

"We do not expose them to discomfort!"

Fort Gerhardnoted that its CCTV recordings are checked before being deleted.

Piotr Piwowarczyk, the museum's director told the Warsaw-based newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza the museum has become a popular place for sexy rendez-vous.

"In less than a month since the beginning of the holidays we’ve already had three recordings of lovers engaged in trysts," he said.

“Visitors to the fort have various temperaments, some of them very conservative.

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“We don’t want them to be shocked during their visit by stumbling across a couple engaged in lustful antics.”

The director hinted the museum's dark corners may give visitors a false sense of intimacy – under the omniscient cameras.

“Or maybe it’s a chakra?” he quipped, alluding to tantric traditions.

“Perhaps this place releases energy in the area of the body responsible for sex?”

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Engaging in sexual activities in public places – public indecency – in illegal in Poland.

Those who get caught could face a non-custodial sentence or a 1,500 zloty (€314) fine.

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