I’m refusing to pay my energy bills this winter… I already sleep with two layers on to keep warm – we have to act | The Sun

A STUDENT is refusing to pay his energy bills this winter after being forced to sleep with two layers on.

Joe Davies, 27, has even got a heavy duvet to keep out the cold but says it is still not enough to see out the winter.

The PhD student has now vowed to not give another penny to energy firms who he says have gutted vital savings which he needs for medical treatment.

Joe, who sleeps in a hoodie, said: "I realised that my energy bills were increasing and increasing really rapidly.

"I thought it was a blip at first but it kept happening and I realised my savings were going down and down."

The machine learning engineer told MyLondon he had saved over £1000 to get diagnosed with inattentive ADHD with a private doctor.

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Joe needed diagnosis of the condition – which makes him lose focus – for work, but there was a 9-month waiting list on the NHS.

He adds how soaring prices mean he doesn't just have to sleep in multiple layers, he also experiences huge stress financially planning.

As well as fury at losing his savings to cover energy bills, the 27-year-old is now a representative for Don't Pay UK.

He adds the crisis will "only get worse" and says taking action is the only way forward to get a fair deal for Brits struggling with energy poverty.

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The grassroots organisation have 254,000 signatures on a petition vowing not to pay their energy bills this winter – starting December 1.

Those striking risk having their front doors smashed down by debt collectors who can forcibly install prepaid metres.

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