Father who twice ran over his his daughter, 19, is convicted of murder

Estranged father who crushed his daughter, 19, to death by running over her twice in his car while ‘totally consumed with anger’ after family row is found guilty of her murder

  • Nigel Malt has been found guilty of murdering daughter Lauren on January 23
  • Malt, 44, mowed down Lauren, 19, then reversed over her in West Winch, Norfolk
  • He placed her body in the passenger seat and drove her to Kings Lynn Hospital 
  • Today, a jury unanimously convicted him after a trial at Norwich Crown Court 

A father who twice ran over his daughter’s body with his car, crushing her to death while ‘totally consumed with anger’, has been found guilty of her murder.

Nigel Malt, 44, ran over 19-year-old Lauren Malt outside the home in West Winch, Norfolk, where she lived with her mother and younger siblings on January 23 this year.

Afterwards he put her body into his passenger seat and drove her to hospital in King’s Lynn where she was pronounced dead, Norwich Crown Court heard.

Malt, who was estranged from his wife and children, was living separately at a different address.

Nigel Malt mowed down his 19-year-old daughter Lauren Malt (pictured) and then reversed over her with his car in West Winch near Kings Lynn on January 23

Malt (pictured), 44, has today been found guilty of his daughter’s murder at Norwich Crown Court

Tributes were left outside the tragic scene in Leete Way in West Winch, Norfolk

Andrew Jackson, prosecuting, earlier told jurors that Malt argued with Ms Malt and threatened her boyfriend, Arthur Marnell, with a crowbar in Leete Way before he ‘reversed his car into and knocked over his daughter’.

‘Having knocked her to the ground he then reversed his car over her,’ the barrister said.

‘He stopped, then he drove the car forward again over her body.

‘These actions killed Lauren Malt, and later examination of her body revealed bruising, lacerations and crushing injuries to her head, torso, arms and legs.’

A post-mortem examination recorded that she died of significant traumatic injuries to her chest and abdomen.

‘Effectively she was crushed to death,’ Mr Jackson said.

Malt, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, denied his daughter’s murder, claiming it was an accident, but was found guilty following a trial.

 Police called to reports of a disturbance in the road and a teenager being hit by a car just before 7.30pm. Miss Malt was pronounced dead soon after she arrived at the hospital

Malt, of King’s Lynn, Norfolk, denied his daughter’s murder, claiming it was an accident, but was found guilty following a trial

The incident happened near a play area in West Winch, near Kings Lynn on Sunday evening

Jurors returned their unanimous verdict on Monday after just over a day of deliberations.

Mr Jackson said that after Malt ‘failed in his bid to inflict violence’ on Ms Malt’s boyfriend and she told him to go home ‘he was totally consumed with anger’.

He added that the ‘estrangement from his wife and family no doubt fuelled his anger’.

Malt’s wife, Karen Malt, had reported him to police in April 2021 for assaulting her, the prosecutor said, with the defendant arrested and bailed at the time.

Mr Jackson said that, on the evening Ms Malt was killed, Malt went to the shop where his wife worked, drove to her home and made repeated phone calls.

Houses on Leete Way, Norfolk (pictured) are worth around £180,000 and detached properties can sell for an average of £250,000 

Norfolk Police said a Home Office post-mortem examination established Miss Malt’s preliminary cause of death as chest and abdominal injuries 

‘The defendant’s relationship with his family was broken and it was something he wasn’t prepared to accept,’ said the prosecutor.

While at the shop where his wife was, he made 19 attempted calls to the landline of her home, where Ms Malt and her boyfriend were, between 6.25pm and 6.52pm.

He had driven to the home earlier but nobody answered the door to him.

Malt’s ‘persistent’ calls went unanswered, Mr Jackson said, then the defendant made three further calls, with the final one answered and lasting one minute and six seconds.

‘It appears Lauren did answer that call,’ Mr Jackson said.

‘The defendant, of course, knows full well what was said in that call to Lauren, but Lauren’s now dead.

‘Within two minutes of that call ending, the defendant then left the West Winch shop and drove directly to Leete Way.

‘Something in that call caused him to leave and go back to Leete Way.’

Malt argued with Ms Malt and her boyfriend, Mr Marnell, and tried to assault Mr Marnell with a crowbar, Mr Jackson said.

Mr Marnell escaped unharmed.

After Malt ran over his daughter, he said ‘don’t get the police’.

Mr Jackson said Malt put Ms Malt’s body in his front passenger seat and drove her to the shop where his wife worked, then on to hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Judge Anthony Bate adjourned the case for sentencing on a date to be fixed in August.

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