Kitsumon Launch Breeding Testnet & Potion Sale

London, United Kingdom, 14th June, 2022, Chainwire

Kitsumon has today announced the launch of their highly anticipated Breeding testnet, giving users the ability to test the game’s breeding mechanism first-hand and create new ‘hybrids’ from their Kitsus. Additionally, the Kitsumon ‘Early Bird’ Potion Sale is now live to let users prepare for the full release that comes after the testnet period. 

In light of these major milestones being hit, James Kirkby, CEO of Kitsumon commented the following; “The game’s development continues rigorously in the background, and it’s great to see the incredible work that goes into our game project every day coming to light as we hit another roadmap milestone. This is a key stepping stone to the mainnet and our first stage where fans of the game can begin to really interact with an element of the gameplay at its early stage. With the addition of the Potion Sale launch, this now provides further token utility and encourages the beginning stages of our gaming mechanics. There is a lot more to come!”

Users can sign up for the testnet through this form and get started on exploring the wonders of Kitsumon. Breeding is simple, the video below shows each step of the process with published previews of the Breeding gameplay to give readers a glimpse into the UI and user experience.

Users can sign up to become a Breeding Testnet tester here. 

For Kitsus to share their magical DNA with each other and create new life, a huge amount of DATA is required. Infinity potions provide that magic of the Big Bang in a little bottle, giving infinite potential for new types of Kitsus. With the Potion Sale now live, both existing and new users can get hold of an ‘Early Bird’ entry price as well as having the opportunity to join the Kitsumon referral system that rewards users with 20% of the sale value of each sale done through their referral link. 

About Kitsumon

Kitsumon is an NFT game about collecting, breeding, and caring for adorable Kitsu pets. From professions like Farming, Fishing, Crafting, and more, and an in-depth breeding system, all the way to MOBA PvP modes and land acquisition, Kitsumon has everything and more.

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