Did Celsius filing last year expose customer’s personal details? New report suggests ‘risk of identity theft’ – Coinpedia Fintech News

Last year, in the Celsius Network bankruptcy case, a document revealed blockchain info that might have exposed user crypto wallets. According to The Block Research and Nansen have worked together to confirm this and identified 15,000+ Celsius users’ personal wallets. These held various assets, ENS names, NFTs, and decentralized exchange transactions. Nansen  matched just over 127,000 transactions in the filing to blockchain transactions from 52,057 unique wallets.

They filtered out exchange and decentralized wallets, leaving 15,759 possible personal wallets owned by named customers. These wallets currently hold $900 million in cryptocurrency, peaking at $3 billion during Luna’s price surge in April 2022. The judge in the Celsius bankruptcy case chose not to release customer names along with their addresses. They wrote that it was insufficient to “expose customers to risks of identity theft or personal danger.”

Nansen wrote on Twitter, “When Celsius filed for bankruptcy, their filing also included a significant amount of blockchain data that related to their users, potentially leaking some of their customer’s wallets. This sadly confirms that the Celsius filing did leak some of their customer’s personal crypto wallets.”

The research revealed that about 1,600 personal wallets are connected to Ethereum Name Service domain names. This means users have linked their wallets to readable names like example.eth, often for online presence. This indicates that these wallets probably belong to people active in the crypto community.

Celsius, filed for bankruptcy in July 2022. They had $1 billion to $10 billion in assets and debts, plus 100,000 creditors. Court papers revealed a $1.2 billion gap in their finances. They owe $5.5 billion ($4.7 billion from customers), but only have $4.3 billion in mostly hard-to-sell assets.

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