Alexander Westin: Blockchain Is Life Changing

As the CEO of Coin Panel, Alexander Westin is a firm believer in the blockchain space, and he’s convinced it can change the world.

Alexander Westin Is Confident in Crypto

In a recent interview, Westin discussed his business history and talked about all the things he managed to accomplish prior to entering the digital currency world. He said:

Entrepreneurism is, quite literally, in my blood. I grew up in an entrepreneurial family where business life was always a natural part of reality. My parents were entrepreneurs, from shipping and wholesale car parts to diamonds and real estate. As a child, I was always encouraged to find ways of providing good service to people rather than only focusing on the money-making aspect of a business. At age eight, I started selling coffee, tea, and homemade cookies to people waiting for the car ferry in the archipelago next to our house. In the summers, there was a continuous line of 50-100 cars waiting for the ferry. From there, as I’m sure most aspiring like-minded young people would say, I was always thinking and trying different ways of providing service and earning a buck. The concept became clear early on. If you answer someone’s needs, you can create a viable, burgeoning business.

Things then moved to how he came up with the idea for Coin Panel. He commented:

All the experiences I mentioned above contributed to Coin Panel. Coin Panel was birthed through a connection made between like-minded individuals in different parts of the world. My family was looking to invest in some international property for a vacation home in the sun, which is typical for Swedish families as we do not get the warmest weather here. During this search, we ended up in Bodrum, a popular summer destination on the southern Turkish coast. It was there we met Aran Hawker, a British businessman, around ten years ago and purchased a fantastic villa from him, one we still own today. Aran remains a close family friend, and his family regularly holidays with ours. As you can see, these meetings and friendships form our business relationships. We started discussing the idea of launching Coin Panel in 2019, during the most disruptive time in a global society. We decided to develop our advanced automated crypto trading platform in Sweden because of its extraordinary history of companies in the tech space boasting such household names as Spotify and Skype. In 2021, we moved operations to Estonia and acquired Europe’s most respected virtual currency license since such a license is not available in Sweden.

Entrepreneurship Provides Freedom

Finishing the discussion, he said he is primarily an entrepreneur not because he wants money or fame, but because it provides him with freedom.

He says he can make his own choices and decisions, something he’s grateful for.

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