Ethereum Scaling Solution Optimism Partners With Ankr To Deliver Fast RPC Services.

  • Web3 infrastructure provider Ankr has joined forces with Optimism protocol to deliver fast RPC services
  • Ankr’s partnership with Optimism will help the network to bolster its blockchain activities 

Ankr, one of the leading Web3 infrastructure providers has entered into a strategic partnership with the Ethereum layer 2 scaling protocol Optimism to deliver fast RPC services to the protocol. 

Optimism Ropes Ankr As Its RPC Provider 

Optimism protocol, which has recently launched its much-awaited OP token has tapped Ankr, a prominent Web3 infrastructure provider as its RPC provider. With this partnership, Optimism intends to bolster its blockchain activities by deploying tested and high-performance RPC node infrastructure to handle consistent request load. 

This partnership further intends to boost the interaction of Optimism with DApp developers across the globe, allowing them to access optimism’s private and public RPCs. 

“We love what Optimism is building for the future of Ethereum. Ankr is happy to do our part to provide a fast and reliable RPC service for their users.” as stated by Greg Gopman, Chief Marketing Officer at Ankr. 

Ankr’s systematic RPC configurations have already been used by many central blockchains including Solana, and Avalanche. In addition to this, Ankr assists these blockchains to run rapid blockchain activities and deliver advanced Web3 experiences to users across the globe.  

“Apps and integrations choose to build in the Optimism ecosystem because they feel aligned with our values and culture and appreciate the tooling and technical options available to them. In response to requests from our community, we’re excited to offer Ankr as an additional Optimism RPC provider.” as stated by Matthew Slipper, Head of Engineering at OP Labs. 

Through this partnership, Ankr intends to provide a “geo-distributed and decentralized Optimism RPC” which comprises several blockchain nodes running across the world, enabling the network to run faster. The firm further added that it will also “incentivize independent optimism node operators to add their nodes into the load balancer in return for ANKR tokens.” 

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Founded in 2021, the Ankr protocol serves nearly six billion blockchains per day across 50 networks, while Optimism is a leading layer 2 Ethereum scaling protocol that utilizes the technology of optimistic rollups to convert large amounts of transaction data into accessible stacks that can be processed easily by Ethe

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