You have 20/20 vision if you can spot the five lemons hiding among the chicks in under 15 seconds | The Sun

A BAFFLING brainteaser has stumped even the most beady eyed puzzlers.

The aim of the illusion is to find the five lemons concealed by chirpy chicks within just 15 seconds.

Start the clock! If you find them all you have vision sharper than most.

The image shows a flock of bright yellow chicks standing shoulder to shoulder leaving no clear space.

The illusion is especially challenging as the lemons are the same colour as the chicks and this plays tricks on your eyes.

There are also accessories randomly spotted around the page.

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This adds an extra tricky layer, as they draw you in and take your focus off the lemons.

And don't keep looking around the chick's heads for citrus fruit as they may be lingering on their sides too.

Have you found them yet? They are hiding in plain sight!

Don't give up if the timer runs out. Even just being able to locate the lemons means your seeing abilities are probably above average.

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How about now?

Don't worry if you still can't see them, here's a hint.

Rather than looking to find the lemon outline, just study each chick and look for anything irregular.

Still no luck? No need to be disheartened, we have included the answer down below.

And also don't stop trying these tricky brainteasers as they can improve creativity, confidence and memory.

Also, psychologists at The University of Glasgow found that staring at an optical illusion can actually improve eye sight by allowing you to see small print.

Meanwhile why not try some different puzzles while you scroll down.

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Or solve this riddle to prove you have a high IQ.

The lemons can be found across a diagonal line going from the top left corner of the image to the bottomright.

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