World's biggest freshwater fish is caught as mystery river beast weighing same as a GRIZZLY BEAR is hauled from water | The Sun

THE world's biggest freshwater fish has been caught – and it weights as much as a grizzly bear.

The massive 661lb stingray was snared by Cambodian fishermen in the Meekong river on June 13.

Once snagged, the 13ft-long fish was landed on the Koh Preah island by local fisherman Moul Thun, 42, who contacted scientists from the Wonders of Mekong research project.

The beast was weighed by a team of conservationists, who confirmed the stingray which they nicknamed Boramy – meaning 'full moon' – was the largest and heaviest ever recorded.

Boramy weighs as much as a large grizzly bear – which can grow to 660lbs.

It took at least a dozen people to release the fish back into the river, seven days after its discovery.


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Boramy was fitted with a tracking device to document its behaviour as it peacefully continues its journey along the Mekong River, which runs through China, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia.

Biologist Dr Zeb Hogan, who also hosted the National Geographic show Monster Fish said: "This is very exciting news because it is the world's largest fish.

"It is also exciting news because it means that this stretch of the Mekong is still healthy.

"It is a sign of hope that these huge fish still live here."

The previous record holder was a 646lb (293kg) catfish found in Thailand in 2005.

Wonders of the Mekong leader Zeb Hogan explained that stingrays and other freshwater fish have suffered from "habitat fragmentation from dams and overfishing".

Hogan said that about 70 per cent of giant freshwater fish globally are "threatened with extinction and all of the Mekong species".

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The Mekong River, which has the third-most diverse fish population in the world and is home to several species of giant freshwater fish, is facing environmental pressures.

Conservationists have warned that extensive dam-building projects aimed at generating hydro-electric power may disrupt spawning grounds.

Large-scale projects in the region are funded by China, Japan and South Korea.

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