Video 'reveals aftermath of car crash that injured President Zelensky'

Video ‘reveals aftermath of car crash that injured President Zelensky’ as medics and soldiers treat driver who slammed into his motorcade

  • President Zelensky was involved in crash involving his motorcade and other car
  • Accident occurred in Kyiv and he was examined by doctors afterwards 
  • He does not have serious injuries after the crash in Ukraine’s capital
  • The driver of the car was taken to hospital in an ambulance for treatment 

Video has emerged that appears to show the aftermath of a car crash that injured Ukrainian President Zelensky overnight. 

Footage that MailOnline has geo-located to Kyiv’s Victory Square shows a badly-damaged Volkswagen Beetle in the middle of a street crossing with an injured man lying next to it, being treated by a mixture of medics and military personnel. 

The man’s head is being bandaged and he has blood spattered on his jeans, but is clearly breathing as men in military fatigues place a metallic blanket over him.  

Zelensky’s team said the president’s motorcade was involved in a crash with a civilian vehicle in the capital around midnight Wednesday, and that the president was not seriously injured.

Video has revealed what is believed to be the aftermath of the car crash which lightly injured President Zelensky and wounded a second driver late on Wednesday

The crash happened in Kyiv’s Victory Square and involved a Volkswagen Beetle (left) whose driver had to be taken to hospital in an ambulance

His medical team stopped to provide first aid to a civilian who was hurt, spokesman Sergiy Nikiforov added, before the injured person was loaded into an ambulance.

Nikiforov did not give details on the person’s condition, and did not give any more details about how exactly the crash happened.

It appears the car in the video was heading west out of Kyiv when it was struck at the front on the driver’s side.

The front quarter of the car is crumpled with the wheel bent underneath the chassis, while the driver’s airbag has deployed.

Neither Zelensky nor his convoy of vehicles are visible in the footage.

News of the crash rattled nerves as Russia lashes out at Ukraine in increasingly desperate ways following its latest humiliation on the battlefield near Kharkiv.

Zelensky – a talisman of Ukrainian resistance to Russian aggression – survived multiple attempts on his life in the early days of the war but has existed in relative safety since Russia withdrew from Kyiv months ago.

If he were to be seriously hurt at this stage of the fighting, it would be a hugely symbolic moment with unpredictable effects on Ukrainian morale.

His spokesman said that the accident occurred in Kyiv and he was examined by doctors travelling with him afterwards

A few minutes after Mr Nikforov’s statement was released, Mr Zelensky’s office sent out the video of the nightly speech which he delivers each day

The news also emerged at the same time as reports that Vladimir Putin’s presidential limousine was hit by a ‘loud bang’ in what critics claimed was a possible attack.

The car drove to safety with Putin unharmed but there have since been multiple arrests within his security service while other bodyguards have vanished, Telegram channel General SVR which claims to have links to his inner circle claimed.

Just hours after Zelensky’s car crash, the president gave his nightly address to the nation – at a slightly later time than usual.

In it, he hailed Ukraine’s success in pushing Russia out of the Kharkiv region having just returned from a visit to Izyum on what used to be the Russian frontline.

 Zelensky declared that ‘almost the entire region (of Kharkiv) is de-occupied’ after ‘an unprecedented movement of our soldiers’

‘The Ukrainians once again managed to do what many thought was impossible’, he said.

The stunning counter-attack – hailed by analysts as one of the greatest defeats Russia has suffered since the Second World War – has humiliated Putin and sparked ‘revenge’ strikes against civilian infrastructure.

Shortly after the scale of the defeat became clear, Russian missiles hit power plants and water supplies in the city of Kharkiv itself.

Zelensky’s crash in Kyiv also came after Putin yesterday survived an alleged assassination attempt

On Wednesday afternoon, eight cruise missiles slammed into a dam and pumping station near the city of Kryvyi Rih – flooding the Inhulets River.

Evacuations are now underway in two districts of the city – which is also Zelensky’s home town – as streets and homes were inundated.

Bridges were washed away as the river burst its banks in places, with the water now heading downstream to Kherson.

Analysts from the Institute for the Study of War said it will likely damage or destroy pontoon bridges that Ukraine is using to mount a counter-attack in the area.

Zelensky also addressed the dam strikes in his overnight address, calling Putin’s armed forces ‘weaklings’ and ‘terrorists’.

‘Your missile attacks today, Russian missiles targeting Kryvyi Rih, the dam of the Karachunivske reservoir, the objects that have no military value at all,’ he said.

‘Hitting hundreds of thousands of ordinary civilians, is another reason why Russia will lose [the war].

‘You are weaklings waging a war against civilians; scoundrels who, having fled the battlefield, are trying to do harm from somewhere far away.

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