Trump blasts Megyn Kelly as 'nasty' following combative interview

Trump blasts Megyn Kelly as ‘nasty’ following combative interview where she pressed him on keeping classified documents after getting a subpoena

  • Trump said Kelly ‘became nastier all of a sudden’
  • She pressed him repeatedly on compliance with a subpoena
  • Trump was slammed in 2015 for comments about her after GOP debate

Former President Donald Trump called his former TV foil Megyn Kelly ‘pretty nasty’ for her conduct in a recent interview where she pushed him repeatedly on complying with a grand jury subpoena.

Trump made the comment about Kelly, a former Fox News anchor, while campaigning in Iowa, where he gave his own reviews of the TV journalists who quizzed him on satellite radio and on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press.’ 

‘I did Meet the Press this weekend, they got fantastic ratings. I call it Meet the Fake Press,’ Trump said, returning to his signature attack on the media. 

‘And it was one question after another after another after another and went through this whole hour. You had Kristen Welker, and she was you know, nice, although she kept interrupting me cause she wasn’t loving all of the answers I was giving,’ he complained.

Former President Donald Trump called interviewer Megyn Kelly ‘nasty’ following a sit-down for her Sirius XM show

He was referencing the new NBC host who pressed him repeatedly on his actions during the Capitol riot on January 6.

Then he gave his review of his appearance with Megyn Kelly on her show on Sirius XM. 

‘Then I did a Megyn Kelly one and she just, you know – boy, she became nastier all of a sudden,’ Trump told a crowd. She was pretty nasty, didn’t ya think? Anybody that watched it?’ remarked Trump.

It was a return to an attack Trump launched on Kelly years ago when she hit him with a tough question during a Fox News presidential primary debate in 2015.

Kelly had asked him about past sexist comments referring to women as ‘fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and disgusting animals.’

Trump then complained about Kelly to former CNN host Don Lemon (later a subject of his attacks). 

‘You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes. Blood coming out of her wherever,’ Trump said, in remarks that drew condemnation from prominent liberals and conservatives. 

It came during an Iowa trip where Trump signed an enthusiastic fan’s top.  

In his latest interview with Kelly, she repeatedly told him he was obliged to comply with a subpoena – in a series of events that led him to be charged in federal court in Florida with a criminal conspiracy and willful retention of national security information.

Kelly pressed Trump on his claim that a highly classified document that he allegedly waived around was just newspaper clippings

Trump blasted Kelly after she asked him about his comments about women during a presidential debate in 2015

‘If I get a subpoena, I have to comply,’ Kelly told Trump

Kelly pressed Trump on obstruction charges he faces over boxes of material marked classified found at Mar-a-Lago following an FBI search

Trump made the comments on a trip to Iowa, where at a campaign event he was seen signing the tank top of an enthusiastic waitress before he inked her forearm

‘Well, that was my question, that you know, even if I think they’re accusing me of a fake crime, if I get a subpoena, I have to comply,’ Kelly told him. ‘I used to practice law for 10 years. You’ve got to comply. You’ve got to fork over the documents and then fight,’ she said, as The Hill reported.

Trump referenced earlier negotiations before the feds obtained a grand jury subpoena in June 2022 after learning of classified materials at Mar-a-Lago even after Trump’s lawyers furnished a document attesting that they had all been returned.

‘I would have given it to them,’ Trump told Kelly. ‘You know what, we had a meeting. I said, “What do you want?” And instead of doing that, because they’re doing this for political reasons. The reason they’re doing this is for election interference.’ 

She also asked him if he behaved ‘irresponsibly’ by allegedly waiving around a classified document at his Bedminster, New Jersey golf club.

‘I did nothing wrong, because I come under the Presidential Records Act,’ he said. ‘I’m allowed to have these documents.’

Kelly leaned back and let Trump speak at length, then told him: ‘Let’s get to my question.’ 

In his speech, Trump also ridiculed President Joe Biden for calling on reporters off a list, as he did at his recent Hanoi press conference.

‘You think Joe Biden does that?’ he said before recounting his own interviews, which he called ‘one question after another.’

‘Biden can’t do that. Maybe one question where he goes: Ah, okay, I’ll take a question from …’. Miming, Trump looked down at a sheet of paper, as Biden did. ‘Wait, I want ABC – Ruth. And then she gives him a question, and then he reads the answer!’ Trump said.

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