Tories face defeat unless they help young people, warns Lord Frost

Tories face defeat at the next election unless they help young people ‘locked out’ of affordable homes and dealing with crippling taxes, warns Lord Frost

  • Lord Frost will address the pressures on young people to find affordable homes
  • The former Brexit minister will warn against overreliance on older voter support 

The Tories will lose power unless they start addressing the needs of a ‘locked out’ generation of young people, Lord Frost will warn on Wednesday.

The former Brexit minister will highlight the pressures faced by young people dealing with a shortage of affordable homes and a crippling tax burden.

In a speech to the National Conservatism conference in London, Lord Frost will warn the Conservatives against relying too heavily on support from older people who have already ‘accumulated unearned wealth’. 

He will say: ‘Many others are locked out. For them, housing is out of reach. They can never build up savings because the Government takes so much in tax.

Lord Frost at the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, Britain, 4 October 2022

Housing Minister Michael Gove spoke at the National Conservatism Conference on 16 May 2023. A new bill for renters promises to protect tenants from rent hikes and no fault evictions

‘Or there are the self-employed, working hard to pay for others’ benefits while not entitled to them themselves. 

‘And the young people paying the highest rates of income tax in the country, the graduate tax, for decades to come.

‘In my experience there is real suppressed anger and frustration at this situation. We ignore this at our peril.’

Lord Frost will acknowledge that releasing the ‘dynamism of free markets’ will involve ‘uncomfortable decisions for the Conservative Party’.

But he will say that deregulation and tax cuts are vital for attracting a new generation to the Tory cause.

‘These are the people who will build this country well into the 21st century,’ he will say.

‘They won’t be Conservatives if we only seem concerned about looking after those who have already done well. We must be the party of opportunity and the future.’

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