TikTok users are shocked to discover how human remains fly back

TikTok users are shocked to discover that human remains come back on commercial passenger flights

  • An American Airlines worker has revealed how human remains are transported
  • The video has shocked passengers, who didn’t realise how they were shipped

A viral video showing how human remains are loaded onto a plane has shocked TikTokers. 

The footage was posted by an American Airlines worker, who would appear to be boarding luggage at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City. 

Sharing to his TikTok account, islandvib33, he captioned the now viral video: ‘Loading human remains and bags in the belly of the airplane.’

In the clip, he and his co-worker haul a large white box onto a conveyor belt and then push it into the ‘belly’ of the plane. 

A viral TikTok video has shown passengers how human remains are transported overseas, and many are shocked to find out it is loaded amongst other baggage 

The video, which has received over 2 million views, shows two workers haul a white box into the cargo of the plane along with other luggage 

The heavy-looking box is handled with care and precision and pushed directly to the back of the cargo. 

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Several more suitcases are then loaded onto the plane as normal, while the workers are sure to leave some space around the box.  

The viral video has been viewed 2.8 million times, and has gained over 90,000 likes. 

Thousands of passengers flooded the comments to pay their respects, with many claiming they were only ‘today years old’ when they realised how human remains were boarded.  

One shocked user commented: ‘Wow along with other luggage.’

Meanwhile, others were shocked that the box was not tied down to everything and appeared alongside the rest of the luggage. 

Some airport workers took to the comments to share their own experience, one person wrote: ‘This is the hardest part of my job.’

Another said: ‘I always say R.I.P when loading a HR.’

TikTok viewers were stunned when they realised how the box was transported and thousands flooded the comments with respect for the workers 

‘Every time I have to load one its a reflection to be happy to be alive and enjoy life the most I possible can!! Always a sad experience,’ one user added. 

‘Hardest part of the job. especially the ‘little’ ones,’ another agreed. 

Some people praised the airport workers for their hard work, one person wrote: ‘I have a different level of respect for baggage handlers. Not an easy job at all.’

According to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, The Center of Disease Control (CDC) has different requirements for importing human remains which depend on the purpose of importation, whether the body has been embalmed or cremated, and if a person died from quarantinable communicable diseases. 

The website reads: ‘Human remains intended for interment or subsequent cremation after entry into the United States must be accompanied by a death certificate stating the cause of death. If the death certificate is in a language other than English, then it should be accompanied by an English language translation.

‘CBP Officers will examine the death certificate to determine the cause of death and ensure that the remains are shipped in accordance with the(CDC) requirements. 

‘If CDC requirements are not met, CBP will hold the casket and contact the appropriate quarantine station for instructions.’

According to the website, if a death certificate is not available in time for returning the remains, the U.S. embassy or consulate should provide a consular mortuary certificate. 

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