The Business of Music: These Are Some of The Most Expensive Features And Samples Artists Have Paid For

Some of our favorite songs were very expensive to make and it’s because of the studio costs.

Guest verses and sampled beats from previously arranged songs have been a trend in music for decades now. Some musicians trade verses at no cost, but others charge a hefty price to lay down their vocal on a track. Although this was a once a fairly private practice, musicians are more transparent than ever about how much they have paid or been paid to be featured on a song. According to prior interviews or even their own song lyrics, it can be a very lucrative activity to collaborate, or be tapped to have your sample used in a newer production. From Nicki Minaj to Megan Thee Stallion to Lil Baby, it will likely cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to hear them on another artist’s song.

Here are a few of the most expensive features or samples artists have spoken about publicly, and whether they thought the move was worth it.

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