Terrified Virgin Cruise passengers told ‘grab life jackets’ as ship sails towards Bermuda Triangle and alarm erupts | The Sun

TERRIFIED passengers on a Virgin Cruise were told to "grab life jackets" as they sailed towards the Bermuda Triangle.

British holidaymakers were rattled by an emergency alarm as the ship headed for the infamous stretch of Atlantic Ocean known for mysterious shipwrecks and vanished planes.

Luxury liner Valiant Lady and was sailing from Barcelona to Miami when it went on high alert telling every passenger to get to their cabins and fetch urgent medication if they needed it.

Some were left fuming by Virgin's treatment and their slow response.

A passenger said: “It caused a lot of anxiety for people on board, with many putting on life jackets and heading for the muster stations.

“Virgin were very slow to announce the false alarm.



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“An absolute shambles with a lot of worried passengers.”

Virgin Voyages eventually told passengers after about 15 minutes of panic that it was a drill, accidentally shared with the whole ship to people using the app and TV screens.

On social media, one man said: “I donned my wet suit, put on my life jacket and screamed all the way to C7 only to realise it was not the real deal.”

Another said: “Did anyone think it was a bit concerning it all happened just as the ship got close to the Bermuda Triangle?”

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But some also said they knew it was false alarm and didn't see their lives as being in any danger.

One joked: “It did open up some deck spaces so I may need it to go off tomorrow.”

Another said: “A real emergency notification would start with the seven blasts of the ship’s horn and interior alarms.”

The Valiant Lady is just a year old and is one of the newest cruise ships in the world.

The massive liner can hold up to 2,860 passengers and 1,160 crew and cost a whopping £575million to build.

It set off for Miami on October 29.

The Sun has contacted Virgin Voyages for comment.

The Bermuda Triangle is one of the most feared places out on the water due to a number of eerie disappearances in the cursed area.

The last ship to go missing was in 2015 when a crew of 33 workers sank after sailing into Hurricane Joaquin.

The strange events have captured peoples imaginations for decades with an estimated 50 ships and 20 planes gone missing.

But while there has been many theories of the supernatural, the 1,500,000sq miles of the Atlantic Ocean is subject to frequent storms and hurricanes and some shallow waters near the Caribbean islands can make for treacherous voyages.

The mysterious history behind the ‘cursed’ Bermuda Triangle

For centuries the notorious Bermuda Triangle has been linked with a huge amount of unexplained disappearances of planes and ships thathave baffled researchers

Several theories ranging from misshaped clouds to human error have been put forward explaining the vanishing vehicles.

Humans were blamed by scientists recently as they said the most likely cause was simply people making mistakes.

Many of the flights were discovered missing in bad weather so the cause was put down to poor planning and going through dangerous conditions.

Meteorologists put forward the theory that the creepy coincidences were actually being caused because of hexagonal clouds seen in satellite images above the dodgy patch of the Atlantic.

Labelled as "air bombs" the huge gusts of wind reaching up to 170mphwould be easily capable of sinking ships and downing planes.

The final theory was made by scientists at the University of Southampton who believed 100ft ‘rogue’ waves could be the reason why so many boats have sunk in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle.

The US Navy and US Coast Guard have assured people for decades that the rumours are purely speculation and that there are no supernatural explanations for sea disasters.

Despite the high number of incidents around the haunted spot the US has also cleared up that the area isn't more dangerous than any other part of the ocean but just has a higher number of ships passing through.

In 2017, a plane wreckage was found near where a private plane carrying four people went missing inside the infamous Bermuda Triangle.

One of the most famous mysteries was the disappearance of Flight 19 that vanished over the Bermuda Triangle on December 5, 1945.

All 14 men on the flight disappeared without a trace and a boat was lost while searching for any survivors leaving 13 more presumed dead.

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Last year, a cruise exploring the Bermuda Triangle offered customers a full refund if the ship vanishes.

The tour company did give assurances saying: “The tour has a 100 per cent return rate and your money will be refunded in the rare chance you disappear.”

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