Storm Babet? No problem! Students make light of foul weather

Storm Babet? No problem! Students make light of foul weather as they brave the wind and rain to enjoy a night out on the town

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Students in Leeds refused to let Storm Babet dampen their spirits as they braved the wind and rain to hit the town last night.

The second named storm of the season is continuing to batter Britain, forcing the Met Office to issue a slew of weather warnings.

But determined revellers flocked to bars and pubs, with glamorous clubbers strutting the streets of Leeds in skimpy outfits for a boozy night out.

Girls were forced to improvise by using their jackets as makeshift umbrellas as Storm Babet lashed the UK. Another group of carefree girls braved the relentless storm with no umbrellas or jackets, instead opting for skirts and tops.

A separate group of five pals took refuge under a rare bit of shelter as a deluge hammered the UK. Two girls were also photographed dancing the night away under the rare sight of an umbrella last night.

Their wild celebrations come despite several weather warnings, including alerts about potentially life threatening amounts of rain and high winds that could cause power outages.

In Leeds, the Met Office has issued amber and yellow warnings until tomorrow, with persistent heavy rain expected to bring serious flooding and disruption.

Two friends brave Storm Babet as they flock to bars in Leeds using their coats and jackets as makeshift umbrellas

Another group of girls brave the rain and strong winds wearing just skirts and tops despite a slew of weather warnings

A couple walk hand in hand through Leeds during a night out as Storm Babet wreaks havoc in the UK

A group of three friends brave the stormy conditions as they wait for a bus in Leeds last night

Storm Babet has not stopped students from having their boozy nights out this week as these two girls braved the brutal conditions

A lone girl uses her jacket to protect her as a deluge of rain fell on the UK, sparking chaos across Britain

These revellers were still having the time of their lives despite the amber and yellow weather warnings in Leeds

Taking shelter: A group of girls sit under a rare bit of cover as Storm Babet unleashed carnage 

A woman uses her jacket to shelter as she is met with a downpour as she walks out of a bar in Leeds

Prepared: One girl remembered to bring her umbrella out as scores of students hit the town last night

Two girls link arms as they navigate their way through Leeds last night amid torrential rain and strong winds

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