St Petersburg ‘assassin’ seen languishing in jail as she has appeal denied over bomb blast that killed pro-Putin blogger | The Sun

THE woman suspected of causing the deadly bomb blast that killed a pro-Putin blogger in Russia earlier this month has been seen for the first time in weeks.

Daria Trepova, 26, was seen via video link handcuffed in her jail cell while appealing charges of terrorism for the April 2 St Petersburg bombing.

Pro-Putin blogger Vladlen Tatarsky was killed by a TNT-packed figurine, allegedly gifted to him by Daria at an event in a local cafe.

Daria was filmed giving a partial confession to the Federal Security Service (FSB), where she was asked if she understood why she was arrested.

She replied: "I would say, for being at the spot of the killing of Vladlen Tatarsky."

Her husband Dmitry Rylov has stood by his wife, and believes she was framed.


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Dmitry told journalists: "I am completely sure that she would never have been able to do something like this on her own."

Russian officials arrested Daria for "a terrorist act by an organised group that caused intentional death", and her appeal against the charges was denied by authorities this week.

Moscow City Court ruled that Daria would remain in custody for two months while they investigate further.

They claim Daria is a supporter of Alexei Navalny's Anti-Corruption Foundation, one of Putin's most famous enemies.

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Earlier this month, video emerged of the moment the bomb detonated in the packed cafe, injuring 30 and killing Tatarsky instantly.

In the video, 26-year-old Daria can be seen backing away after handing the suspected bomb over.

The former art student appears to be trying to edge out of the room – possibly to escape the explosion – as Tatarsky asks her to sit at the front with him.

Eventually, she compromises by taking a seat near the front but to the side, several metres away from the bomb.

She can be seen raising her hands as she takes her seat in the cafe – perhaps to shield herself – moments before the screen goes dark as the bomb goes off.

Pro-military outlets have branded the explosion a "terrorist" attack, although the exact reasons for Tatarsky's assassination are unclear at this point.

Although some claim that he was killed by anti-war protesters, others allege that this may have been an attack in retaliation for his criticism of Putin's generals and the way they had fought in Ukraine.

A third group has said that the bombing may have been a false flag operation to pin the blame on suspected opposition groups.

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