Spanish hotel launches FREE room – made of glass and in reception

The Spanish hotel you can stay in for FREE…but you do have to sleep in a glass-walled room in reception where anyone can see you!

  • Ibiza four-star hotel has glass room where guests can stay for free – but it’s right in the middle of the lobby
  • The beachside Paradiso Art Hotel suite is for ‘people who like being the centre of attention’, not wallflowers
  • The room includes a bed, a table and chairs – although the toilet and shower area is private, the hotel adds 
  • Wacky £150-a-night hotel regularly hosts influencers, including Love Island stars for a photoshoot

A beachside hotel on Ibiza is enticing guests who ‘like being the centre of attention’ to stay for free in a new glass-walled room in reception.

The so-called Zero Suite at £150-a-night Paradiso Art Hotel in Sant Antoni de Portmany is touted as ‘beautifully decorated and aesthetically pleasing’ – but made completely out of glass.

It’s also right in the middle of the hotel lobby, meaning any privacy will go right out the window.

The bizarre hotel room is made entirely out of glass and can be found in the hotel reception

The wacky Ibiza beachside haunt usually charges £150-a-night, but a night at Zero Suite is free

But, the hotel hastens to say, the suite’s toilet and shower area is definitely private.

It added that the room is ‘available for artistic performances, radio broadcasts and DJ sets’ – and ‘not suitable for wallflowers’.

Dubbed to include ‘endless possibilities as long as you like being the centre of attention’, Zero Suite has already generated plenty of talk.

One Instagram user said: ‘Had half a nights sleep in there! 

‘People banging on the windows [was] not fun but the experience was great!’

Another asked whether it was possible to ‘dim’ the glass for a little bit of peace and quiet.

The answer, they were told, is no.

Paradiso Art Hotel is one of Ibiza’s edgier beachside haunts, with a vintage disco design and retro features.

Models and influencers frequently appear at the hotel for social media photoshoots.

Love Island stars Zara McDermott and Georgia Steel also promoted a self-tan product at Paradiso in 2019.

Zara McDermott (left) and Georgia Steel (right) pose at the hotel three years ago

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