Smash-and-grab thief is caught on dashcam snatching bag from car

Brazen smash-and-grab thief is caught on dashcam snatching bag from car seconds before owner turns up

  • The brazen day-light robbery occurred in Tooting, South London on August 25 
  • Moment captured by driving instructor Nurudeen Ali, who was giving a lesson
  • Video shows suspect loitering near Vauxhall Corsa, waiting for moment to strike 

A brazen smash-and-grab robbery from a vehicle while the owner was just seconds away has been caught on dashcam footage. 

Driving instructor Nurudeen Ali was on a lesson with a pupil in Tooting, South London, when he saw a man on a bicycle hanging around a street corner at around 9.15am.

Initially it appears he is waiting for someone, however it soon becomes clear that the callous thief is looking out for the owner of the red Vauxhall Corsa parked on the other side of road.

As the learner driver heads towards a ‘No Entry’ sign, the man can be seen ushering her to turn right, however she has to reverse in order to turn the vehicle.

While performing the manoeuvre, Mr Ali and his pupil are looking away and this is when the man seizes the opportunity and briefly disappears from view.

He returns at the moment he smashes the passenger side window of the Corsa, grabs a bag from seat and makes his getaway – seconds before the female driver walks around the corner.

After hearing the breaking glass, the woman who owns the car can be seen immediately inspecting the damage before getting into the vehicle.

Mr Ali gave the unidentified woman his business card after explaining that the incident was caught on dash cam – however she hasn’t yet been in touch to obtain a copy.

Metropolitan Police said there were ‘no active proceedings’ in relation to the theft.  

Mr Ali later shared the footage to his Facebook page as a warning to other drivers, which has since been viewed over 7,000 times.

Dashcam footage recorded by a driving instructor in Tooting shows a man on a bike hanging around a street corner 

After disappearing from view, he suddenly reappears and is seen smashing the window of the passenger’s side and snatching a bag which had been left on the seat

The thief pulls the bag from the Vauxhall Corsa and flees on his bicycle just seconds before the owner returns 

He wrote: ‘Do not leave any valuables visible in your car, hide it or take with you!

‘The driver of the car was literally 5/10 second behind the thief – day light robbery.’

One user commented: ‘Chase after him and run him over – do the world a favour.’

Another replied: ‘Unfortunately if you do that you are as liable, if not more, to end up in court like the little s**t.’

A third added: ‘Yeah because a learner driver is going to ram somebody off a bike or chase them.’

A Metropolitan Police spokeswoman said: ‘As far as I can see there are no active proceedings.’

The incident happened on August 25.  

A recent survey by Co-Op insurance has found that nine in ten UK car thefts take place in London Boroughs.

The same survey found that the Vauxhall Corsa is the third most broken into car model in the UK – with the Ford Fiesta and Ford Focus in first and second place respectively.   

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