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There has been a noticeable correction in Bitcoin markets, prompting an investigation into future expectations. With a few weeks left before the launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF, the trend remains upward, suggesting a continuation of the current momentum. Recent trends show Bitcoin bouncing back after minor corrections.

The fundamental market scenario hasn’t shifted significantly, implying ongoing interest and activity in the market. The anticipation of the spot Bitcoin ETF continues to contribute positively to market sentiment.

The Path Ahead: ETF Approval and Market Dynamics

Renowned cryptocurrency analyst Michael van de Poppe explores the implications of the recent market correction and offers investors strategic insights. As per Poppe, Although altcoins have experienced heavier corrections, Bitcoin’s drop has been relatively modest.

The market hasn’t shown substantial fundamental changes, maintaining a positive outlook. Notably, Bitcoin has not retested specific lower values, indicating a tendency towards quick recoveries and continued upward trends.

The Analyst speculates that deeper corrections are anticipated after post-ETF approval, followed by a gradual upward trajectory. This period is expected to favor altcoins and ecosystems like Ethereum due to the money flow cycle. The first quarter traditionally sees altcoins performing well, with December marked by portfolio rebalancing and profit-taking, followed by new investments in January.

Bitcoin’s Range and Future Predictions

Poppe also Highlights Bitcoin’s new range with the trend leaning upward. Key levels to watch are the lows around $33,000-$34,000 and highs near $48,000. The Fibonacci levels also suggest movement within these ranges. A break above $52,000 would invalidate this scenario, indicating a potential new market phase.
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