Sickening moment Hamas terrorist pulls woman by her hair & executes her at point-blank range in horror new massacre vid | The Sun

CHILLING footage captured during Hamas' October 7 festival massacre shows terrorists gunning down two women as they try to flee.

The clip shows a terrified group of revellers arriving in a kibbutz after escaping the Nova festival attack before they are hunted down by Hamas gunmen.

A Hamas terrorist wielding an AK-47 shoots one of woman from point black range, and another as she crouches on the floor and pleads with him to let her go.

Three of the terrorists stormed towards the group of festival goers who arrive at the kibbutz around 7am on the morning of the attack.

Footage shows the terrified revellers pulling into a car park and comforting one another after the horror ambush.

As the group of Hamas fighters then storm the kibbutz, one targets the two women at the back of the crowd trying to escape on foot.



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He catches up to them and gets close enough to grab one of the women's hair.

He then fires at her from just inches away, as she collapses on the ground.

Her friend cowers in fear and backs away from him before crouching down, before he shoots her too.

The video, posted on the Israeli Telegram channel South First Responders, was allegedly taken at Kibbutz Alumim – close to the festival site.

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It was captured just hours after Hamas' surprise ambush across the Israeli border over a month ago.

The Nova music festival was the first target of the Hamas terrorists as they paraglided across the border and unleashed terror on unsuspecting revellers.

Horrified rescuers found 260 bodies after the fanatics cut power at the site and opened fire.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu later vowed to reduce Gaza to “rubble” in an attempt to destroy Hamas after the horror attacks.

In the weeks since the IDF has launched a brutal ground and air operation on the besieged Strip, targeting what they claim to be Hamas strongholds.

In recent weeks targets have included Gaza's hospitals and refugee camps which it claims Hamas relies on as bases for their operations.

Palestinian families have come under siege from the crossfire of Israel's retaliation attacks on Hamas after the terror group murdered at least 1,200 Israeli men, women, and children.

Gaza's Hamas-run government claims at least 13,300 Palestinians have been killed including over 5,500 children and 3,500 women – though these figures remain unverified and are disputed by Israel.

Israel has argued its forces are targeting "terror infrastructure" while Hamas denies using Gazan medical facilities for cover.

It has claimed to have hit 250 Hamas targets in the last 24 hours.

Meanwhile, efforts from the WHO, Palestinian Red Crescent and the UN saw 28 babies rescued from Gaza's main hospital and transported over the Rafah border to safety in Egypt on Sunday.

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