Row erupts over #NoMowMay as Brits eco-shame their neighbours

Row erupts over #NoMowMay as Britons are accused of eco-shaming their neighbours by leaving lawnmowers in sheds and letting their grass grow wild this month (but some cut their lawns the day BEFORE scheme starts)

Green-fingered Britons are being accused of trying to eco-shame their neighbours into joining #NoMowMay this month.  

The nation is being urged to let their lawns grow wild for the next 31 days by British nature conservation charity, Plantlife. 

The organisation hoped homeowners to keep their lawnmower in the shed and leave grass unkempt in a bid to promote wildlife. 

But instead, some Britons are using the campaign to ‘annoy’ and shame their house-proud neighbours who cut their grass the day before the effort began. 

One person tweeted: ‘Every year I have to argue with my neighbour about our front lawn. This year, I’ve invested in a @nature_scot @ScotPollinators sign. Let’s see if this helps!’ 

People have taken to social media to vent about #NoMowMay, which has triggered a row between neighbours 

Lesley Parr wrote on Twitter: ‘It’s ‘No Mow May’ from tomorrow and I really want to do it just to annoy my suburban, Tory neighbours. We live in that Monkees’ song, Pleasant Valley Sunday. “here in status symbol land”.’

Vanessa Moore clashed with her neighbours, who like to cut their grass while she lets her front garden grow wild.

‘I really miss our old neighbours who used to embrace the wilderness with us on our adjacent patches of front garden. Is there such a thing as mower trespassing? I mean, the very least they could do is mow in a straight line at the boundary,’ she tweeted.  

One person tweeted: ‘The neighbours may not be overly impressed by a garden full of dandelions going to seed, but the 4 little goldfinches visiting today seem to appreciate them.’ 

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