Prince Andrew has 'offered to manage prestigious Royal estates'

Prince Andrew has ‘offered to manage prestigious Royal estates including Balmoral but King Charles has told him there’s no chance of that happening,’ insiders claim

  • Duke of York is currently refusing to leave his 30-bedroom Royal Windsor Lodge 
  • He proposed to run the Royal Estates, including late mother’s beloved Balmoral 

Prince Andrew has offered to run some of the prestigious Royal estates as part of his negotiations to leave his Royal mansion – with King Charles reportedly telling him ‘there is no chance of that happening’.

After the King told the Duke of York of planned budget cuts to royal funds, the disgraced royal has since refused to leave his 30-bedroom Royal Lodge in Windsor.

Insiders said the 63-year-old even offered to be in charge of running some of the Royal Family’s much-loved estates, including Queen Elizabeth’s beloved summer residence, Balmoral Castle in Aberdeenshire.

They also revealed that the Duke had pleaded with the King for an increased Royal responsibility as he feels ‘he deserves to still be treated like a senior royal’. 

One insider said: ‘Andrew is insisting on having a job despite being made to stand down from his duties and now he’s being kicked out of his home,’ according to The Mirror. 

Prince Andrew has offered to manage some of the prestigious Royal estates as part of his negotiations to leave his Royal mansion

Royal insiders have claimed that the King said ‘there is no chance’ of Andrew being allowed to manage the Royal estates

The Duke of York had offered to take over the management of Balmoral Castle – his late mother’s beloved summer residence 

They added that the King is in disagreement with his brother and ‘has told him straight, there is no chance of that happening’.

In recent weeks, the King has reportedly asked all members of the royal family to tighten their belts and to expect less money from the Duchy – now owned by Charles – than in the past.

This week Duke of York said he does not want to leave his mansion in the grounds of Windsor Castle despite telling friends he fears he will be unable to afford its upkeep if the King cuts his £250,000-a-year grant.

Andrew currently pays a reported £250-a-week for a state-subsidised 30-room mansion complete with 98 acres of land and a swimming pool – and is not keen to leave it after 20 years.

With Andrew unwilling or unable to pay the going rate, likely to be thousands of pounds per week, Charles has decided to kick the Sussexes out of the five-bedroom Frogmore Cottage and offer the keys to his younger brother, who is resisting.

The Duke of York is set to lose £250,000-a-year in funding from the King as part of a shake-up of private royal finances and has had to sell off assets including a £19million ski chalet to cover the costs of settling the sex scandal case with Virginia Roberts Giuffre – a victim of Jeffrey Epstein.

Now, there are suggestions the family’s solution to Andrew potentially losing his home could be to move him into the ‘nest egg’ Fergie purchased as an investment for their daughters, Princess Beatrice, 34, and Princess Eugenie, 32.

Buckingham Palace and the Duke of York have been approached by MailOnline for comment. 

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