Pharmacist BEAMS after refusing to give up prime first-class seat

Seattle pharmacist Dr Sabra films herself SMILING after refusing to give up first class seat so family could sit together

  • A pharmacist and TikTok creator has been praised for standing her ground 
  • Dr Sabra beamed from ear to ear after refusing to give up her first-class seat
  • It comes after an employee sparked debate after denying their boss first-class

A beaming passenger has been praised online after refusing to give up her prime first-class seat for a woman who wanted to sit closer to her teen. 

Dr Sabra, a TikTok creator and pharmacist, racked up almost ten million views after she shared her elated reaction to the confrontation.

The short clip, captioned: ‘POV: Flight agent asks me if I want to give up my 1A seat so a child sits with their family’, saw her grinning from ear to ear after denying the mom. 

Viewers were surprised the mom even made the audacious request, as they were on a long-haul 10-hour flight from Seattle to Paris. Seat 1A has long been regarded as the most coveted on first-class airplane cabins and is often demanded by the great and good who feel its number befits a person of their importance. 

The denial comes months after one man sparked furious debate when he refused to give up his first-class seat for his boss, despite using his own credit card points to do so. 

Pharmacist and TikTok creator Sabra beamed after standing her ground and keeping the seat

Dr Sabra showed her distaste at the mom’s request as she paired her viral video with a popular TikTok background audio: ‘Girl, f*** them kids and f*** you too.’

‘That’s a no from me dawg,’ she captioned the video. ‘Would you have given up your seat? Also, they ended up finding a solution so no, I am not a terrible human being. Also, the child was like 13.’

She told BuzzFeed that she was upgraded on her flight by Air France, and denied the switch because she would have tragically had to move to the rear of first class, instead of the front. 


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‘It was still first class but all the way in the back,’ she said. ‘I kindly said that I’d rather keep the seat I selected and she didn’t insist. They went ahead and found another resolution pretty quickly.’ 

She said she often receives first class upgrades because of her Delta status, but the incident occurred on her first ever international first-class flight, and she expected ‘the “real” business class experience.’ 

‘So that was one of the reasons why I was particularly excited about this flight and the seat that I had purchased and picked in advance,’ she added. 

Sabra said that the airline actually asked her to switch before she even got on the plane, but she felt that refusing to give up the seat ‘is not necessarily a lack of empathy. 

‘You can be kind and empathetic and still choose not to sacrifice your own experience and comfort for someone else’s,’ she added. 

‘I also think that parents should plan to sit together when they fly with their kids.’ 

She refused to give up her prime A1 first class seat, one of the most coveted spots on a flight

The exchange came on a long-haul Air France A350 10-hour flight from Seattle to Paris

Many viewers slammed the mom for making the request, feeling it was her own fault because she didn’t organize the flight in advance. 

‘As a mom, it’s a parent’s responsibility to plan ahead,’ said one. ‘Just traveled to Europe for 1.5 months with my toddler and no one had to move.’ 

‘Never switch unless it is an upgrade. Others poor planning is not your fault,’ added another. 

Some even suggested that the mom’s request may have been a scheme to swindle her way into the sought-after spot.

‘Just know they booked two business and one eco thinking they’ll strong-arm someone into giving up their seat,’ said one.

‘I wonder if some families actually on purpose buy the cheapest tickets, to plan to ask someone for their seat: “I got kids, pls move”,’ said another. 

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