Parents’ agony as baby is put in coronavirus isolation after Alabama nurse tests positive for disease – The Sun

A NEWBORN has been put in isolation after a nurse at the hospital tested positive for the coronavirus.

Emmarie Grace Waltman was moved to another room after she had been in the NICU at the Alabama hospital for a month, according to CNN.

She was born on Feb. 20 and had been in contact with quite a few doctors, nurses and other staff members.

Her father found out about the move on Monday night.

"I felt like it was inevitable," Brandon Waltman told CNN.

Older adults are most vulnerable to COVID-19, but many younger adults are getting the disease and spreading it.

Young children are unlikely to develop serious symptoms, but Emmarie's parents can only visit her one at a time in a low-pressure room, according to CNN.

"It's rough," Waltman told the cable news outlet.

"But today is about pushing so some of this doesn't happen again to her or God forbid anybody else."

An official at the University of South Alabama Women's Hospital said a staff member within the health system tested positive, but did not specify which department.

Waltman told CNN that doctors and nurses who have treated his daughter usually are wearing masks and gloves, but some only don't use the protective measures all the time.

He is unsure when his daughter will be released from the hospital.

"With the times being like they are, we feel like we're better left at home where we know who's coming in contact with her," he told CNN.

Fortunately, Emmarie is not showing any symptoms.

"I don't think she's going to test positive," he told CNN.

"She's one of the, probably the biggest and the healthiest babies in the NICU."

There have been about 300 reported coronavirus cases in Alabama.

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