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A SEX therapist who paid a year's worth of rent up front is being kicked out of her home because of her "messy" pets.

Self-styled Lady Pea Ramshaw allegedly let her pigs "absolutely destroy the gardens" of her £3,500-a-month property on the Norfolk Broads.

The 54-year-old, whose real name is Patricia, claims she had permission to keep the porkers onsite, as well as two horses, three dogs, eight ducks and 20 sheep.

But landlady Jane Cator, a Deputy Lieutenant of Norfolk, insists the menagerie of animals breached her tenancy agreement and damaged the 18th century property.

She said Lady Pea had "zero respect" for the Grade II listed home and must leave.

The bust-up follows a series of court disputes between the tenant and the Cator family, who have been trying to get her to vacate the house for months.


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Lady Pea moved to the property in November 2021 and was eventually joined by her three Great Danes Nova, Jager and Lola, two horses Bea and Bebe, unnamed pigs and ducks.

She said her 20 sheep moved on to the grounds after the Cators allegedly promised her some land to put them on.

But the family claim they only authorised two hounds and a handful of sheep on the condition they did not enter the Arboretum.

Lady Pea alleges she had to let her sheep in because they were unable to graze in the garden during last year’s hot summer.

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Shortly after paying 12 months' rent in advance, she said she realised that the house, which had no central heating, was riddled with damp, leaving her shivering through the winter.

Lady Pea claimed she also found that the home did not have an appropriate electrical certificate, so it should not have been rented to her.

She had the house assessed by Broadland Council, which allegedly concluded it was a hazard due to the lack of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, a worn carpet on the stairs, and no central heating.

She was served with an eviction notice in January 2022, leading to negotiations between the parties about the terms.

But talks broke down, with a row largely centring on her calls to be reimbursed for her rent, and a £13,000 bill to power electric heaters she claims she needed due to the alleged lack of heating.

Lady Pea claimed that at one point the Cators had agreed to refund all the rent she had paid, as well as the electricity bill in exchange for her leaving.

But after £17,000 of her rent was returned, she said the agreement was withdrawn.

She took Mrs Cator’s son Sam, who was acting as landlord, to a property tribunal in February where she alleged Mrs Cator had turned up at the property without warning "on at least 20 occasions".

She also said Mrs Cator had been watching her from the tower of 14th century St Helen’s church in Ranworth, although the Cators vehemently denied the suggestion.


Mrs Cator, a trustee of her local church, told the hearing that Lady Pea had breached her tenancy agreement by bringing animals “in huge proportions” onto the land.

She also accused her of subletting the property on AirBnB, painting interior walls in an “iron grey” colour and letting her pigs "absolutely destroy the gardens".

When asked why she wished to evict Lady Pea, Mrs Cator said: “Because of the damage your animals were doing to the property.”

James Castle, representing the Cators, said Lady Pea had “zero respect for the property and zero respect for the world around her”.

In a separate legal action in February, the Cator family were granted a possession order for the house at Norwich County Court.

Lady Pea, who specialises in “teaching menopausal women to feel sexy” and helping “manopausal men” with testosterone therapy, is appealing against the order and is demanding £90,000 compensation for allegedly catching pneumonia at the house last winter, and as a refund for the remaining rent she has paid.

But she had a setback this week when the property tribunal judge Stephen Evans denied her request for repayment of £28,538 and dismissed her claims that the Cators had "harassed" her by chopping down four trees and moving a gelding into the paddock next door.

The judge did, however, acknowledge that the Cator family had altered a deal with Lady Pea after speaking with her ex-partner.

He criticised both sides for allowing the dispute to end up at a tribunal – suggesting the matter be dealt with by civil means.

Speaking after the judgement, Lady Pea said she did not consider it to be a defeat as it had allowed what she described as the "disgraceful truth" to enter the public domain.

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The judge accepted Mrs Cator's claims that she had not gone up the church tower to spy on Lady Pea, who also sells nude artwork, and dismissed the idea that staff had taken photos of her.

Mrs Cator, who lives in Ranworth, did not respond to a request for comment on any of Lady Pea's claims.

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