Moment woman brazenly steals stranger's Christmas decoration

Wreath thief! Moment woman brazenly steals Christmas decoration from therapist’s door

  • Kruti St Helen, 41, caught the thief on her doorbell camera on December 6
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A real-life Grinch has been caught brazenly stealing a Christmas wreath from a therapist’s front door.

Footage released by Kruti St Helen, shows the thief approaching the property and taking the wreath from the door at 7.30pm on December 6.

It comes just three days prior to a wreath and an illuminated reindeer garden ornament being stolen from another address in Poole, Dorset.

The video shows a woman approaching Ms St Helen’s property and pulling at the wreath.

She turns to someone standing on the road to say ‘it’s stuck’. She then pulls harder and removes the wreath before quickly walking away. 

Ms St Helen, a 41-year-old therapist, said: ‘I think my camera probably did alert me someone was at the door but we are on a main road so it does sometimes just pick up people going past.

‘I was upstairs at the time so I didn’t pay attention.

‘When I saw the wreath was gone, at first I thought it was a drunken thing, but I don’t think she was drunk.

‘I think someone is gathering decorations for themselves, especially after another lady had an expensive reindeer and a wreath stolen.

‘We’ve had the wreath for a couple of years, it’s a plastic one and I can’t remember what it cost. We get it out every year, we put it on the door on December 2.

‘I’m a therapist and I work from home and have vulnerable clients so the idea of someone coming onto my property is not nice.

‘This person is not thinking about the effects this might have on someone’s safety.’

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