Mom who faked daughter's terminal illness finally admits causing her death

AN evil mom accused of faking her daughter’s terminal illness to obtain $560,000 for her final-wishes bucket list has finally admitted to causing her death.

Kelly Turner, 62, has admitted to charges of felony theft, felony charity fraud and child abuse negligence, according to the district attorney's office of the 18th Judicial District.   

Turner had previously pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder as she faced a slew of accusations over the death of her seven-year-old daughter Olivia Gant.

The mother had claimed that her daughter's quality of life was below par, and suffered from several diseases, including a seizure disorder and deficiencies in the bran.

However, many doctors were reluctant to believe Gant was gravely ill.

According to the Denver Post, one physician was pushed to sign a "do not resuscitate" order as Turner's daughter, who was fed through a feeding tube,  was admitted into Children’s Hospital Colorado in 2017.  

Gant died just weeks later under hospice care.

Her death certificate revealed she died from chronic intestinal failure, seizure disorder, and autism.

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However, Turner was indicted on murder in 2019 after doctors questioned the daughter's "medical problems" in addition to Gant's illness.

Gant's body was later dug up from her grave – leading to a second autopsy which found her death to be undetermined.

Turner also reportedly mentioned Munchausen syndrome by proxy (MSBP) to investigators, however, she denied she had the mental health illness.

Meanwhile, Turner’s efforts to fulfil her daughter’s ‘bucket list’ of dream amounted to donations of thousands of dollars after a GoFundMe page was set up in Gant’s name.

The page stated: “We are hoping for support both financially, spiritually, and emotionally. Not only will this be a taxing time for Kelly (mom), and Olivia but for Olivia’s sisters and the friends and family who are willing to step in and help during this time.”

The list of luxurious items included n $11,000 'bat princess' costume party provided by the Make-A-Wish-Foundation as well as a local bake sale held for Olivia and a 'Night for the Gant Girls.'

The mother-of-two was later accused of defrauding the Medicaid system of more than $538,000 and ripping off several other charities and fundraising platforms.

Turner is now due to be sentenced on February 16 and could face 16 years in prison.

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