Matthew McConaughey slammed for bizarre self-help webinar sales pitch

Not alright, alright, alright! Matthew McConaughey is slammed after his bizarre self-help webinar on ‘The Art of Livin’ – featuring Tony Robbins – descended into sales pitch for vague life coach course ‘valued at $4,500’

  • Matthew McConaughey was slammed after his self-help seminar descended into a vague motivational talk that pushed an expensive life coaching course
  • At the end of the bizarre hours-long webinar, viewers were offered an eight-week program ‘valued at $4,507’ for $397
  • Furious viewers accused the Oscar-winning actor of a ‘shameful’ cash-grab 

Matthew McConaughey has been slammed after his bizarre self-help seminar descended into a sales pitch for an expensive life coach course valued at $4,507. 

The Oscar-winning actor hosted the webinar on Monday, during which he played the bongos and offered vague advice about self-improvement before presenting a program called ‘Roadtrip: The Highway to More’. 

McConaughey was joined in the ‘Art of Livin’ seminar by motivational speaker Tony Robbins and entrepreneur Dean Graziosi as they rolled out the eight-week package – which was reduced to $397 for those who tuned into the online event. 

The course claims to help people ‘live up to their full potential’. But scores of viewers have since condemned the seminar as a ‘shameful’ attempt to cash in. 

Matthew McConaughey has been slammed after a series of bizarre antics were followed by an expensive marking appeal during his self-help seminar 

According to the ‘Art of Livin’ website, over 2.4 million people joined McConaughey for the self-help seminar, which was billed as an ‘intimate one-time event to create a future you can look forward to’. 

McConaughey had promoted the seminar, and asked people to ‘be cool to your future self and show up’. 

Viewers who shell out for two-month course will be taken through nine ‘mile markers on your highway to more’ – which include monikers like ‘more you’, ‘more cool’ and ‘more selfish’. 

A wide-eyed McConaughey went on to make several odd statements in the webinar, including: ‘The art of livin’ starts with admittin’ – if we want to be legit, we gotta first admit. Yeah, I just rhymed. Guilty. I do that. All the time…’ 

Viewers were also urged to ‘name, claim and declare’ their motivations for growth, where they journal their desires to manifest them into reality.  

But many were left unimpressed as the actor spent several hours rattling through ambiguous advice, such as not being ‘lazy with yourself’ and ‘asking ourselves the right questions’.

Speaking alongside an automated laugh track and applause generator, the recommendations he gave the audience included quitting ‘the 9-5 job’ to pursue a million-dollar business idea. 

‘I’m here because I am not making straight A’s in everything that I’m preaching about and stuff that I’ve already learned I’m still not living up to,’ continued the actor, as he spoke through terms including ‘complacency’ and ‘illusions’. 

In one of the stranger segments of the hours-long seminar, McConaughey picked up his bongo drum and tapped along while reading off commenters’ reasons for joining the online class. 

‘I want a better life!’ he began. ‘I want to be a better husband! I’m a self-sabotager!’ 

Viewers were left disappointed, however, when the celebrity hosts ended the webcast with an appeal to buy their expensive motivational program. 

Matthew McConaughey, left, was joined by several celebrity speakers including Tony Robbins, right

The Oscar-winning actor played the bongos while his co-hosts, including entrepreneur Dean Graziosi, left, offered advice to viewers

Viewers were left disappointed after being faced with an expensive package at the end of the vague motivational seminar 

McConaughey’s seminar spree is billed as a follow up to his 2020 bestselling memoir ‘Greenlights’, which he says will allow him to go ‘deeper and even more practical’ than his book.  

Valued at $4,500, those who fork out for the culminating course will gain access to benefits including a ‘live weekly “Roadtrip Pitstops”‘, worth $497, and ‘an immersive learning experience’ worth $1,094. 

The package also includes 50 bonus meals donated to charity Feeding America, and ‘private community access’ – both of which are deemed ‘priceless’ in the cost breakdown. 

But many took to social media to hit out at the event for being a cash-grab, with one warning: ‘Don’t bother – infomercial’. 

‘This turned into a pitch for an expensive class. Not alright,’ added another. 

A third viewer who said she was ‘broke’ due to caring for her sick husband slammed the long sales call, saying: ‘I definitely didn’t expect a huge sales pitch that I and probably a bunch of other’s can’t afford… bummed’.

The two-month course offers a 30-day money back guarantee for those who aren’t happy with their purchase – but the website warns viewers that ‘this program won’t work if you don’t consume the content’. 

McConaughey’s preference to use bongos throughout the seminar also saw him riff a new song about his 1999 arrest, where he joked about how he was taken into custody while playing the drum naked in Austin, Texas. 

Later in the seminar McConaughey also introduced longtime motivational speaker Tony Robbins, who told the ‘Interstellar’ actor he was ‘digging everything you’re talking about’. 

‘You’re good crazy, not bad crazy,’ he added. 

The seminar, which is set to continue every week, is owned by Mind Mint LLC, which is owned by Robbins and Graziosi, and McConaughey’s Barefoot Money Inc startup. 

Mind Mint LLC and Dean Graziosi have been contacted by for comment.  

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