Levi Davis’ mum breaks down in tears at vid of X Factor star singing heart-wrenching song a year after his disappearance | The Sun

THE MUM of missing X-factor and rugby star Levi Davis wept as she watched an old video of him performing – a year after he went missing.

Levi's mum, Julie, became emotional as she reminisced, watching her upbeat son dancing around and singing a song he dedicated to his grandmother.

Julie says that the anniversary of Levi's disappearance on October 29, 2022 is "bringing it all back again, the emotions. I just hope that he does turn up, whenever that is.

"We just try taking it one day at a time and we live in hope."

Levi was working on music projects in Ibiza last year, and boarded a boat to Barcelona alone.

The following morning passengers from a nearby cruise ship reported seeing a body in the water.

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A search was carried out by divers in May, but the lack of evidence meant that the case was halted.

Julie expressed her dismay at how long it took for a search to be carried out.

She said: "You start questioning why did they do such a superficial search."

The Catalan Police, Mossos d'Esquadra, maintain that the case is ongoing, but that there are no further updates as of late.

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For Julie, the lack of updates over the last year has been "heart-breaking"

"I would've hoped by now that there would've been at least some more evidence.

"And now it's a case of it being passed to the judge to know what the next steps are."

Julie says she has been left desperately looking for answers – and slammed the Spanish cops for keeping her in the dark.

Speaking to The Sun she said: "It’s not the first time I’ve had second-hand information from the police.

"I’ve been treated very poorly and it has really affected me. I need to chase them to get any information or update.

"They never come up to me and say ‘this is what we're doing now, that’s what we’re doing next’.

"There is an update but I have to go to Barcelona to get it which is really annoying.

"They won’t let me have a look at the court note unless I’m there in person.

"I've been asking 'what have you done' and 'what's the next course of action' and they've not been very forthcoming with information.

"I’d ask, 'Who did you interview, the person who was in the water' – and they can't tell me that. It’s ridiculous. 

"And then I started asking lots of questions, even about the guy Levi spoke to before he went missing.

"I just want some information I have so many questions. I want to go as soon as possible. I want to find out what happened."

The only piece of evidence that the police have been forthcoming with is the fact that they found his passport, which showed up in the port 20 days after he went missing.

Otherwise, the case has felt like a ghost trail.

Levi played Premiership rugby for Bath between 2017 and 2020, and signed for Worthing Raiders a year later.

He also performed on X Factor: Celebrity in 2019 with fellow rugby players Ben Foden and Thom Evans under the group name 'Try Star'. 

At the time of his disappearance, Levi was taking a break in Ibiza to work on music projects, after being side-lined from rugby following a knee injury.

The star had spent just two weeks there when he took a boat to Barcelona – with nothing other than £35 in his pocket.

After arriving in the city he travelled through the city centre and went to the Old Irish Pub, where he was last seen.

Earlier this year, The Sun travelled to Spain to retrace Levi's steps and spoke to the bartender who served him that night.

She said the rugby player had a pint watching the Liverpool vs Leeds game on TV before heading off around 10.

A witness also claimed that they had seen him wandering near La Boqueria market, adding that he looked "lost and confused".

Some have suggested he drowned in the Spanish city while others leaned more toward the possibility he might have gone missing "voluntarily".

Speculations surrounding his disappearance have stemmed from a haunting video Levi posted online a few months prior.

In the video he said he was being blackmailed by criminals who threatened to kill him and his family.

This, coupled with pictures Levi posted of himself on OnlyFans, the day before his trip to Barcelona, have fuelled the theory that Levi was being hunted down by a Somalian gang over a £100,000 debt.

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Catalan cops had previously said the case contains "disturbing" issues with "no logical explanation".

Levi's case was handed over to a specialist crime unit in February.

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