I tried Wetherspoons' Christmas dinner but it was a let down – the potato was chewy & it was missing my favourite item | The Sun

A WOMAN who tried Wetherspoon's Christmas dinner has given it a very mixed review.

Becky Jones visited one of the establishments when the pub giant launched its festive menu last week.

She took a trip to The High Cross Wetherspoon in Leicester on Wednesday lunchtime to see if it was worth the hype before rating it out of five.

The chain has introduced Christmassy pizzas, a full Christmas dinner, sandwiches and puddings up and down the country.

And it will only cost just over £12.

But despite the cheap and cheerfulness all of us Brits love about Spoons, Becky said she wasn't impressed by what came out on the staple blue and white floral plate.

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Feeling ready to get into the Christmas spirit, she was left disappointed when the potato was chewy and the roast was missing her favourite item.

Writing in LeicestershireLive, Becky said: " I quite fancied trying the Brie and garlic mushroom pizza, but I reckoned I ought to go all-out and have the most festive dish on the menu.

"Which, of course, is a Christmas dinner – aka sliced turkey breast and winter vegetables.

"[It's] £12.05 with a non-alcoholic drink and£13.52 with an alcoholic drink.

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"My meal arrived within 10 minutes. One thing I noticed straight away was that there was a lot of turkey breast – four slices according to the menu."

But Becky wasn't overly thrilled with other parts of her meal – including the main act.

Becky said the "turkey wasn't bad" although it was clearly "processed".

She added: "The peas were ok, as was the Maris Piper mash, although there were a few odd chewy bits.

"There are also no Brussels sprout included in the Spoons dinner. I'm aware they're a bit of Marmite food, but I love those little green veggies, so I did miss seeing them on my plate."

However, Becky did say the carrots and parsnips were "full of flavour".

She added that the pigs in blankets were her "favourite part of the meal" because of the crispy bacon and that the stuffing was "flavoursome".

Overall she gave the pub and its food a three out of five star rating.

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