I have natural 34KK boobs – I can’t fly economy because my chest won’t fit & they nearly caused a car crash, says model | The Sun

A MODEL with 34KK breasts has revealed she can’t fly economy because there isn’t enough space for her extra large chest.

Anastasiya Berthier, 26, who insists her breasts are natural, says she needs to take precautionary measures to ensure they don’t get in the way.

Although she loves her breasts, Anastasiya says she is constantly crushing things around the house and has even accidentally hit others with them.

She told NudePR.com: "I always fly business or first class, especially for a long flight.

"This is because you can unfold the chair and stretch your back, also I prefer more privacy.

"My breasts have caused clumsy accidents – sometimes it’s so awkward.

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"I always crush things on the table with them!

"I’ve also accidentally hit people with them when I’m out shopping, and knocked things over."

The model who is originally from Moscow, Russia, now lives in Dubai and often shares snaps of her life with her 1.5 million fans on Instagram.

The large chest is also a struggle for the model when trying to find clothes that fit.

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She added: "When trying something on at the clothing store I can get stuck and may need help to take off the item.

"Sometimes, I tear my clothes when I try to get into or take them off.

”That’s can be annoying but they [the clothes] look fire on me.”

Speaking specifically about lingerie, she added: ”I have no chances in Victoria's Secret, unfortunately.

"Normally I order them [bras] online from special websites for larger chest woman.

"The problem is that it’s hard to find wires this big so I have to get custom ones made."

Although Anastasiya adores her big breasts, she says people are constantly turning their heads in the street and they nearly caused a car crash once.

She said: "I went horseback riding and decided to wear a very open top.

"Everything was fine until the horse ran and my boobs just fell out!

"I didn’t expect that and I couldn’t fix it fast because the horse was speeding and I was holding it.

"At the same time the car was passing by us and the driver got so shocked that he almost lost control of the vehicle!

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"It was so close to very bad accident."

The model previously opened up about her desire of becoming a mum and revealed she is on the lookout for a surrogate partner as she claimed that the pregnancy would “ruin her body.”

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