Huw Edwards 'to leave BBC' after inquiry into alleged behaviour

Huw Edwards ‘to leave BBC after being given inquiry findings’ into his alleged behaviour following sex pic scandal

Huw Edwards is set to leave the BBC after being given the inquiry findings into his alleged behaviour after allegations emerged he had paid a young man for sexual images, it was reported on Friday. 

The BBC News presenter, 62, was suspended by the corporation in July after it was claimed he had paid thousands of pounds for sexual images.

Police investigators found no evidence of any criminal wrongdoing by the presenter, and it is expected Mr Edwards will now have the opportunity to respond to the inquiry.

The results of the internal probe into Mr Edwards’ alleged behaviour have not been published, but it is understood he has been in talks with the BBC about his future.

Although his identity was initially protected after the claims were made, his wife Vicky Flind eventually revealed it was her husband at the centre of the scandal as she announced he was in hospital receiving treatment for his mental health. 

Huw Edwards is said to be set to leave the BBC after an insider said there was ‘no path back’ for him

Mr Edwards denies all the allegations against him and is said to have stressed to the i that he ‘did nothing illegal’. 

But an insider told the paper: ‘We understand Huw is not coming back. It’s now a discussion about the terms of his departure and how it is presented.’

Another newsroom insider said: ‘The review is in and unfortunately there isn’t a path back for Huw. There is no expectation he will return.’

Over the summer it was reported that Mr Edwards had paid a young man for sexual images who he had first met when he was 17. 

The Sun’s original story purported to reveal a ‘failure to investigate claims’ that a BBC star – then unnamed publicly – had paid thousands for explicit images.

In May this year, a family member of an alleged victim made a complaint about Edwards’ behaviour, with details referred to the Corporate Investigations Team.

On May 19, the team emailed the complainant and received no response.

Two months later, The Sun informed the BBC’s press office about allegations made against Edwards, prompting the broadcaster to launch an ‘incident management group’ of top execs and approach Edwards, before going to the police on July 7.

By July 9, Edwards was suspended from his role.

Only a day later, the alleged victim rubbished the allegations through a lawyer.

Three new claims emerged on July 11 in relation to Edwards’ behaviour, before he was finally revealed as the presenter in question by his wife on July 12.

Among other things, he has been accused of inappropriate behaviour to BBC staff.

The Welsh presenter was a major face of the BBC, fronting the News at Ten and being the highest paid journalist at the broadcaster. 

A BBC spokesperson said: ‘We would urge people not to indulge in speculation – as we have previously explained, we will not provide a commentary on what is an internal employment process nor on the latest bit of speculation on how things might stand.’ 

This is a breaking news story and is being updated. 

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