Horror moment bear savagely rips apart two men leaving one with exposed skull as witnesses scream ‘he’s eating them’ | The Sun

TWO gas-drilling workers have miraculously walked away from a savage brown bear attack alive but with serious injuries – including an exposed skull.

The two men suffered deep head and arm lacerations while wrestling with the wild beast in a horrific mauling that was captured on film.

Video shows the brown bear scale a fence and run through the snow to converted shipping container cabins where a group of people were gathered at a gas facility in Siberia.

A man behind the camera shouted a warning to the workers: "Everybody run away!"

In a chilling moment, the witness later said: "[The bear] ate him."

Two men, reportedly named Eldar Gareev, 39, and Ivan Bulashenko, 46, were in the smoking room of their plant when they saw a pack of dogs chasing something, according to reports.

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The bear then emerged from behind bags of chemicals and one of the men, a mechanic, opened the door to chase it away.

Immediately, it pounced on the mechanic, and his panicked colleagues launched an all-out retaliation with fire extinguishers, flares, and a gas spray.

When the animal did finally loosen its grip on the mechanic, it moved straight onto its next victim, grabbing and savaging the plant's foreman.

The second attack can be seen in the distressing video, with the man forced to the ground by the raging bear.

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Some 20 minutes after the attacks, a local hunter arrived at the request of the gas facility workers and shot the animal.

Both men received first aid at the site and were airlifted to hospital.

As the savage mauling played out in front of their very eyes, witnesses filmed the bear and spoke to each other in worried voices.

One man said of the bear: "Look, he's tearing the fence.

"He's climbing over, he's climbing over, isn't he?"

The witness then shouted: "Everybody run away! Where is he?

"**** there's people in there. Look, he's coming out.

"He's chasing him."

The men later came to the grim realisation the bear had attacked a worker.

"He's ******. [The bear] ate him there.

"I was whistling at him, but he couldn't ****** hear me.

"Couldn't he get back up?"

As the bear chased and savaged the mechanic between the cabins, one witness said: "He started screaming, for ****'s sake.

"They started the truck. We'll have to kill the bear.

"He didn't touch the dogs, he's after the man."

The man continued: "There he is. He's attacking the man.

"****. He's gnawing him. Hell!

"He's got him by the neck. Look, he's got him, he's running away!

"He's alive, he's alive, it's OK."

Telegram channel Torboznoe Radio criticised the alleged lack of safety measures at the gas facility run by RusGazBurenie company.

It claimed the site was not secure against wild bears and "the workers, in a critical situation, were not ready to protect themselves from the animal."

The channel continued: "The story of a bear attack, as a result of which two workers were seriously injured, and the bear was killed by a hunter who arrived 20 minutes later, raises a lot of issues of labour protection of employees carrying out their activities in the habitats of animals dangerous to humans."

The horror attack came as a seasoned hunter named Jeremy Evans revealed how he managed to survive a vicious bear attack in a remote wooded area.

He said he knew he was in trouble when he saw a little bear cub scurry in front of him on the road.

The mother appeared and came charging towards him, clamping down on his knee before sinking her teeth into his face.

A snap decision to stick his fingers in the bear's eye and grab and twist a flap of skin beneath her belly was what saved his life, he said.

Also last month, an aggressive bear that attacked a security guard in the kitchen of a luxury resort was caught and euthanised after a days-long search.

Footage of the terrifying encounter was captured at the St Regis Aspen Resort in Aspen, Colorado.

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When the bear came face-to-face with the security guard, the massive animal got up on its hind legs and pushed him to the ground.

Luckily, the security guard was able to get away relatively unscathed.

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