Ghislaine Maxwell fellow socialite and has secret UK pen pal

EXCLUSIVE: Ghislaine Maxwell befriends disgraced Rhode Island socialite fraudster Monique Brady and is exchanging letters with ‘mystery male pen pal in the UK’ as she struggles to cope with life behind bars


  • Ghislaine Maxwell has struck up a friendship with fellow convict Monique Brady, a Rhode Island socialite who notoriously swindled $5M from friends and family
  • Sources at FCI Tallahassee also told the British socialite has also been corresponding by mail with a mystery admirer 
  • ‘It’s believed to be a man from the UK….someone whom she has never met but who started writing to her once she was locked up,’ the insider said

Lonely Ghislaine Maxwell has turned to a fellow jailed socialite and a mystery male pen pal to cope with the sad monotony of life inside federal jail, can exclusively reveal.

The convicted sex trafficker, 61, has few close companions in FCI Tallahassee where inmates have branded her a ‘Karen’ and a ‘chomo’ – prison slang for child molester.

But she has struck up a firm friendship with Monique Brady, a ruthless financial ‘predator’ who swindled millions from her family and friends to fund lavish vacations, shopping sprees and a gambling addiction.

Maxwell has also been corresponding by mail with a mystery admirer, according to sources at the low-security Florida lockup where she’s serving a 20-year stretch for helping Jeffrey Epstein abuse girls.

Sources tell Ghislaine Maxwell has found support and companionship in fellow inmate and disgraced socialite Monique Brady (right) behind bars at FCI Tallahassee 

As has previously reported, the disgraced British socialite, 61, is having a rough time adjusting at the low-security facility after rubbing fellow inmates and even prison staff the wrong way since her arrival

‘It’s believed to be a man from the United Kingdom,’ dished our insider. ‘Someone she has never met but who started writing to her once she was locked up.

‘Max hides the letters and keeps his identity a closely guarded secret. She lodged a complaint about her mail being tampered with because she is so paranoid about his name leaking out.’

Maxwell has just a handful of confidantes behind bars, most notably Ponzi-schemer Brady, 48 – a once-prominent figure in the New England social scene who rubbed shoulders with the likes of NFL legend Tom Brady (no relation). 

The friendship might be short-lived as Brady is due to be released in April.

The Rhode Islander is serving an eight-year sentence for wire fraud, identity theft and obstructing the IRS in a $4.8million con described by a federal judge as ‘simply beyond belief.’

Among Brady’s 23 victims were her childhood best friend, a close pal from law school, her stepbrother and a woman who was a grandmother-like figure to her children.

Brady’s ex-husband Thomas Brady was a firefighter and three of his colleagues were targeted, along with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, according to federal prosecutors.

They all believed they were investing in Brady’s real estate management company to do up dilapidated homes, many of which turned out to be fictitious.

Just like Maxwell, Brady was once-prominent figure in high society, particularly, in the New England social scene where she had rubbed shoulders with the likes of NFL legend Tom Brady

Among Brady’s victims were three of her firefighter ex-husband Thomas Brady’s (pictured) colleagues along with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient, according to federal prosecutors

Brady cheated 23 people out of nearly $5million, prosecutors said, and used the money to buy a million-dollar home and luxury items, such as her collection of Louis Vuitton shoes

Instead, the mom-of-four splashed their life savings on a sprawling mansion, Super Bowl tickets and a vast collection of Louis Vuitton shoes.

After catching wind that the FBI was on to her, Brady booked a one-way ticket to Vietnam but was arrested in April 2019 before she could make the flight and later admitted her guilt.

She was locked up at several different prisons before arriving in FCI Tallahassee, where she became a tutor in the prison education department and got to know Maxwell, who works in the law library.

‘They are both former socialites who were accustomed to the high life and now find themselves languishing in prison, so it’s not a surprise that Mo and Max have become friends,’ our source explained.

‘Mo is also very secretive, she loves to complain about prison and she hates the media for writing about her case. They have a lot in common.’

Maxwell, the daughter of disgraced UK newspaper magnate Robert Maxwell, was sentenced to two decades behind bars in June last year.

The judge recommended she serve time at FCI Danbury, the Connecticut lockup that inspired Orange is the New Black, but the Bureau of Prisons – which has the last say – decided to ship her 1,000 miles south to the Sunshine State.

The disgraced British socialite is still having trouble adapting to her grim life behind bars after being surrounded by luxury and wealth for most of her life 

Maxwell is locked up at FCI Tallahassee, which could be her home until July 2037

FCI Tallahassee bosses tried to keep inmates from learning too much about Maxwell by removing the library’s only copy of Filthy Rich – James Patterson’s bestselling book about Epstein’s crimes.

But as word got around about her ties to the warped financier, she found herself being despised by her fellow felons who say she is aloof and has poor hygiene. revealed last month that Maxwell earned her ‘prison Karen’ moniker because of the 400-plus petty complaints she has lodged while behind bars.

The Briton has slated the lackluster vegan menu options, demanded jail authorities give her access to hair dye and even complained about a tattooed, transgender inmate nicknamed Batman having noisy sex in the bunk above her.

Maxwell fell out so badly with another prisoner that the woman threatened to beat her with a padlock following an argument over a clothes hanger.

In March she landed two Cuban felons in solitary confinement after snitching on them for demanding that she buy them items with her $360 commissary allowance.

Maxwell was living in fear of a beatdown when the pair got out but one of the Cubans has since been transferred to a half-way house in Laredo, Texas and the other was moved to a different housing unit.

Maxwell was convicted on December 29, 2021 on five of the six counts she faced for helping the late financier and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein sexually abuse underage girls

Epstein was facing trial for sex trafficking charges but hanged himself behind bars before he could be brought to justice in 2019 

Maxwell – federal prisoner 02879-509 – will be 75 by the time she’s freed unless she can successfully appeal her convictions for helping ex-lover Epstein, who hanged himself behind bars in 2019 instead of facing trial.

Federal prosecutors argued in a recent court filing that Maxwell’s conviction for grooming girls as young as 14 should stand and denied claims she was being used as a proxy to satisfy public outrage over Epstein’s crimes.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons website lists a release date of April 2024 for Brady, however, suggesting Maxwell’s new gal pal will serve far less than her original eight-year term.

Brady must also pay nearly $5million in restitution to her victims. 

She tried – but failed – to secure early release in December 2020, citing concerns about Covid-19.

‘The nearly two dozen people Monique Brady defrauded of millions included family, first responders, neighbors, childhood pals, and elders in the grips of dementia – people who trusted her to invest their life savings, only to be left with empty bank accounts and grief,’ Joseph R. Bonavolonta, Special Agent in Charge of the FBI Boston Division, said after her 2020 sentencing.

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