Diver offers top three tips if you ever come up against a shark

I’m a diver – here’s my top three tips if you ever come up against a shark

  • A Hawaiian-based shark diver has offered tips to protect yourself from attack 
  • The self-proclaimed ‘part mermaid’ often finds herself swimming with the sharks
  • She shared her top three tips to her TikTok account @mermaidmariahhh

A Hawaii-based diver has shared her top tips on how to prevent a shark attack.

Mariah Meyer, a shark diver and marine biologist at One Ocean Diving, Haleiwa, Hawaiii is a self-proclaimed ‘part mermaid’ who often finds herself swimming among the sharks.

While most people wouldn’t dare to enter murky waters, Mariah embraces the underwater thrill. 

In collaboration with snorkelling shop, scuba.com, Mariah took to TikTok to share the rules which all budding divers should abide by. 

A Hawaii-based diver and marine biologist at One Ocean Diving has shared her top tips on how to prevent a shark attack

Making eye contact with the sharks is a top method to avoid threat, according to Mariah this makes sharks aware that ‘you’re a predator too and not a prey item’

The diver explained: ‘First stay calm and remember that we’re not a part of the sharks diet but we don’t want to act like prey in the water so limit any erratic swimming or splashing.’ 

In the footage, Mariah is shown carelessly floating amongst the sharks, in a wet-suit and large flippers, yet limiting her movements. 

She elaborates: ‘Secondly, when you do encounter a shark in the wild, don’t take your eyes off of that shark.

‘Making eye-contact with the sharks around you will let them know that you’re a predator too and not a prey item.’

She is then shown amongst a shiver of sharks, closely monitoring their movements and making sure to routinely check behind her. 

Mariah added: ‘Lastly, if the shark keeps approaching you, use your fins to create space around you. 

Here’s some of the best shark safety tips @Mariah Meyer has! Using these tips while working as a dive professional help me stay safe and they can help you too! 🧜🏼‍♀️Safety diver/Marine Biologist: @mermaidmariahh 🌊Videos taken on @GoPro during @OneOceanDiving charters 📸cover photo: @brebythesea #scubadotcom #sharkdiving #sharkdiver #freediving #freediver #sharkweek #shark #sharks #sharksafety #savesharks

‘Using your fins helps create space between you and the shark and lets the shark know that this is your space.’ 

To do this, Mariah demonstrates kicking away a shark that keeps approaching her with the scuba diving din she is wearing. 

The shark quickly diverted away from her, joining the rest of the group instead of bothering the diver. 

Adding a final piece of advice, Mariah said: ‘The most important tip of going out into the ocean is never go alone, always make sure that you have a buddy with you.’

She is then pictured exploring the depths of the ocean with a fellow diver. 

Posting the video to her own TikTok account, @mermaidmariahhh, the daredevil gained much attention from her followers. 

According to Mariah, swimmers should avoid ‘erratic movements’ when diving to avoid sharks mistaking you for prey 

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One frightened user commented: ‘I’m so happy I followed to live vicariously through others risking their lives.’

While another asked if she has ever had a run-in with a great white shark, to which Mariah responded: ‘I wouldn’t recommend it!’

Mariah frequently shares videos of her diving adventures to her account, she has encountered many types of sharks including a ’25-ft whale shark’. 

She often videos herself swimming amongst tiger sharks, and even touched one they named Queen Ali’i Nikole to redirect it. While the act may seem dangerous, she told followers: ‘I am a professional shark diver please do not attempt.’

Mariah’s tips come shortly before a reported shark attack off the coast of Spain, in the Oliva municipality south of Valencia. 

The man was reportedly standing in shallower water when the shark collided with his leg before clamping its jaws around him. 

Council chiefs ordered beaches along the coast to be closed while an investigation took place after the incident – the latest in a series of inland sightings of blue sharks off the Spain’s beaches. 

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