Cyclist tells Just Stop Oil activists 'I'm a liberal and I hate you'

‘I’m a liberal and I hate you’: Moment furious cyclist scolds Just Stop Oil eco-clowns blocking London roads that they’re ‘hurting the green cause’ with infuriating stunts

  • The cyclist hit out at Just Stop Oil activists slow marching in north London 

A cyclist told Just Stop Oil activists blocking a road ‘everyone hates you’ as he claimed the eco-demonstrators were ‘hurting the cause’. 

‘Everyone is just trying to go about their business and go about their day and you’re f***ing it all up for all of us,’ the cyclist blasted. 

‘I hope you feel better about yourselves because all you’re doing is harming the cause,’ he added, as activists slow marched down a north-London road. 

He told those marching he was a liberal and a cyclist and said ‘you all feel better about yourselves but you’re hurting the green cause.’ 

The cyclist told the protesters they were ‘not helping’.  

Just Stop Oil activists out on the streets of London yet again slow marching with their banners

The cyclist told the activists they were ‘hurting the green cause’

Met Police have tweeted: ‘Police remain at the Just Stop Oil protest along Holloway Road #Islington

‘Officers imposed Section 12 conditions on those involved and the road is now clear.

‘Where protests move to serious disruption or criminality we will take action to clear the road.’

Police today also said they were aware of Just Stop Oil protesters walking slowly along St Georges Road in Wimbledon, south west London. 

‘Officers are on scene assessing the situation and engaging with protesters.’

The cyclist told Just Stop Oil protesters in north London they were ‘hurting the cause’

Just Stop Oil carry on their actions of bringing traffic to a standstill on Bank Holiday Monday

Protesters slow march through the streets of London this morning, this time in Holloway Road/Highbury Corner

Police remain at the Just Stop Oil protest along Holloway Road, Islington

It comes after eco-warrior Chris Packham last week slammed motorists as ‘extremely abusive’ as they tried to get past Just Stop Oil clowns blocking London’s roads.

Calling the eco-mob chocking traffic on the Old Kent Road – in the South East of the capital – ‘democratic’ and peaceful’, the wildlife presenter risked a fresh BBC impartiality row.

The 62-year-old also slammed one driver as ‘dangerous’ – while video was played of a motorist who mounted the pavement as he desperately tried to get to hospital.

On the scene at the Bermondsey thoroughfare, the Springwatch presenter said: ‘Twelve protestors from Just Stop Oil have just stopped the Old Kent Road causing a significant amount of disruption, which just shows you how much trouble you can cause with just a handful of people. Peaceful, democratic people.

‘The police have been amicable throughout. No problems.

‘I can’t say the same for the motorists and pedestrians, who have been extremely abusive and on one occasion dangerous.’ 

The Met slammed the motorist and confirmed that they are investigating him for taking matters into his own hands – saying: ‘People should not intervene or take actions that might cause danger to others or cause them to commit offences.’ 

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