Corgi hidden in woods is so hard to spot it drives people barking mad

This camouflaged corgi is almost IMPOSSIBLE to spot in the woods. Can YOU find it (without cheating)?

  • Dogs love playing hide and seek as much as children do 
  • But this pup has gone viral, thanks to its ability to blend into the background
  • The photograph has driven people barking mad as they try to spot the canine

Dog owners know their pets love playing games and, just like children, hide and seek can be one of their favorite ways to let off steam.

But, while most of the time they are pretty easy to spot, there are some canines who are hugely talented at hiding in plain sight. 

That’s certainly true for this particular corgi, who has gone viral for its ability to blend perfectly into the surroundings of the woods in winter. 

And it has been driving people barking mad as they try to spot the creature in the image below. 

So can you spot the mischievous mutt?

This viral image has been driving people barking mad as they try to spot the corgi, which blends in with the fallen winter leaves thanks to its tan coat

If you can’t spot the furry creature in the original image, this zoomed in version might help

Spotting the corgi at first glance is a sure sign you’ve got a good set of eyes but most people have been left confused as to where this pet could be hiding.

It blends seamlessly into the surrounding woodlands and the fallen winter leaves provide camouflage for the dog’s tan coat. 

Did you find the canine? 

If it is proving difficult, here’s a hint: it is towards the upper left of the woodlands.  

We’ve highlighted it in the image below for those who still can’t find it. 


The corgi was playing at the foot of a fallen tree towards the upper left of the woodlands

It was playing at the foot of a fallen tree at the back of the forest when the photo was taken.

Reddit users were impressed by how well the corgi blended into its surroundings. 

One person commented: ‘Of all things I expected to be camouflaged so well I couldn’t find it, a corgi was not on that list. Kudos, little buddy.’

Another added: ‘Took a while but I found him.’

And one said: ‘It’s a very small window of time when nature provides the optimal conditions to camouflage a corgi, and this good boy doesn’t even need it.’

Some animals are naturally well adapted to hiding in plain sight and use it as a tactic for defense – like the chameleon, which is known for its distinct range of colors.

But, despite not deliberately trying to do so, this corgi seems to have an innate talent for camouflage. 

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