China reveals ‘God of War’ stealth bomber that can fly 5,000miles non-stop to nuke US air bases from Beijing

CHINA has revealed a new stealth bomber capable of hitting major US bases in the Pacific with nuclear weapons.

The 5000 miles range of the Xian H-20 means it is able to strike Guam and other key facilities, making it a “game changer” in the words one expert.

The development of the bomber has been kept under wraps by the Chinese authorities.

But new images have now revealed in the magazine Modern Weaponry, which is run by state-owned defence corporation China North Industries Group.

The publication describes the aircraft a “the god of war in the sky” and computer generated images show its remarkable similarity to the US B-2 ‘Spirit’ stealth bomber, introduced in the 1990s.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said he wants the country’s military to be on a par with the US by the decade and to have overtaken its rival by 2049 – the 100th anniversary of the Communist regime.

Jon Grevatt, a warplane specialist and Asia-Pacific defence analyst at defence and security intelligence source Janes said the new plane was a significant milestone in achieving that goal.

“If the aircraft becomes operational, it has the potential to be a game-changer,” he told the South China Morning Post:

The released pictures showed the H-20 prioritised stealth and long distance over speed, he explained.

“So that means the strategic kind of advantage of that aircraft is that it would be able to strike as what they call a strategic bomber, so it will be able to strike targets a long distance away, perhaps in the second island chain and beyond,” Grevatt added.

“That means it would threaten US assets and interests in the Asia-Pacific.”

The Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies suggested that China’s stealth bomber could give the country a “truly intercontinental power-projection capability”.

The new bomber will reportedly be equipped with nuclear and conventional cruise missiles.

The images show a weapon bay, two adjustable tail wings, an airborne radar and stealth air intakes and engine nozzles on both sides.

The plane is covered in a dark grey, radar- absorbent material that give it stealthy capabilities to fly undetected.

Plans for the H-20 were first announced in 2016 and the nuclear bomber may be ready to enter service in five years.

Images have trickled out last year but none with the detail revealed in the new one.

A key component of America’s plans for dealing with China’s rising assertiveness is the ‘second island chain’ strategy.

At its heart is the massive presence on the island of Guam, where US Air Force bombers operate from, and which is also home to US Navy submarines and other vessels.

It has often been described as an “unsinkable aircraft carrier” and the Chinese have made neutralising its capabilities a priority.

China has developed a hypersonic missile dubbed the ‘Guam killer’ and a video emerged last year of a simulated attack on the island.


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