Child drag show sparks clashes between armed protesters outside pub

Child drag show sparks clashes between armed left and right-wing protesters outside Oregon pub named after SATAN, as it’s revealed one of 11-year-old performer’s ‘drag moms’ is suspected pedophile

  • A fierce standoff broke out outside the Old Nick Pub in Eugene which was hosting the show
  • Child performer Vanellope MacPherson DuPont’s act was ditched at last minute
  • It has  since emerged one of Vanellope’s ‘drag moms’ is a suspected pedophile 
  • Kelsey Meta Boren, 31, is in custody facing charges of three child sex offences

Fierce clashes broke out at a ‘drag queen story event’ in Oregon which was slated to include a performance by an 11-year-old whose former ‘drag mom’ is a suspected pedophile.

Protesters against the event faced off with supporters outside the venue, Old Nick’s Pub, which is named after Satan, and which also holds adult fetish nights. 

Some demonstrators on both sides of the roughly 200-strong standoff were armed, police said, including with semi-automatic rifles.

But despite the chaotic scenes outside the pub in Eugene, the event still went ahead – although the child performer, whose stage name is Vanellope MacPherson DuPont, reportedly did not take to the stage as planned.

It has since emerged that a woman who claims to be one of Vanellope’s ‘drag moms’, Kelsey Meta Boren, was charged earlier this year with three child sex offences.

Tense confrontations outside Old Nick’s Pub in Oregon, which hosted the drag story event

Some protesters were armed with semi-automatic rifles during the standoff outside the event 

Former school employee Boren, 31, who allegedly sent child pornography online, has posted several photos of herself with the girl on Instagram, with some referring to her as ‘my drag kid’.

Boren was arraigned in August and is currently in custody.  

Dramatic footage of the protests on Sunday showed angry demonstrators ‘lob projectiles’ including smoke grenades at the rival crowds.

Supporters of the event shouted ‘go home Nazis’ and carried a banner which said: ‘Protect trans youth.’

Meanwhile, counter-protesters had a sign which read: ‘What kind of monster exposes kids to this?’

They also shouted ‘save our children’ at the supporters.

The pub promoted the event by claiming it would show what ’11-year-old drag queen could do’

Pedophile suspect Kelsey Boren (pictured with the girl) has said she is Vanellope’s ‘drag mom’

An earlier Facebook post by the pub to promote the event said: ‘Vanellope is here to show you what an 11-year-old drag queen can do.

‘With all the charm and sweetness of a bowl of sugary cereal, Vanellope is here to brighten up your morning with all her drag talent.’

The post drew a mixture of criticism and support.

A statement posted by Vanellope’s family and friends has claimed the relationship with Boren was strictly ‘professional’ and they only met ‘maybe four or five times’.

The statement added: ‘Meta-Boren was not a family friend, nor was she ever a mentor for V in the drag world.

‘They, also, have not had any contact since before covid, and all ties have been severed as of the time of Meta-Boren’s arrest in August.’

Vanellope also has another handler, Sunshine Ray MacPherson – real name Jennifer Hibbs – who is a drag performer. 

Hibbs told the Post Millennial: ‘Her actual mother does her choreography so that it’s all appropriate. We wouldn’t let her do anything suggestive… it’s terrible that people assume that we would let her do that.’

Hibbs also sought to distance herself and Vanellope from Boren.  

Vanellope’s minder, Jennifer Hibbs (pictured),  who is also a drag performer, said: ‘We wouldn’t let her do anything suggestive… it’s terrible that people assume that we would let her do that’

Old Nick’s Pub, which held the drag queen story event, has also held $10-a-night fetish events

The pub has claimed the backlash to drag storytime events a ‘targeted agenda’ to ‘push forward anti-LGBTQ legislation’.

It has also said: ‘Drag is an art form. The idea that it is inherently sexual is a form of bigotry.’

Old Nick’s has also  previously hosted $10-a-ticket fetish nights, with previous events advertising ‘impact play’, ‘rope suspension’ and ‘electric play’. 

Eugene Police Department said it created ‘security plans’ for the even prior to it taking place ‘because opposing groups were communicating plans to attend, possibly armed’.

A statement by the force said groups of demonstrators began arriving at about 9.45am and ‘firearms were reported present in both groups’.

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