Brutal violence hits Magaluf's notorious Punta Ballena strip

Brutal violence hits Magaluf’s notorious Punta Ballena strip: Fight between two groups of men breaks out when someone tries to help KO’d victim of ANOTHER brawl

  • Footage shows two groups of youngsters fighting each other on strip in Magaluf 

Magaluf’s notorious party strip Punta Ballena has been the scene of a brutal fight between two warring groups of youngsters.

Footage shows the youngsters swinging at each other in a frenzied fight that saw one man knocked unconscious and others kneed in the face.

The violence flared up when a man tried to move another partygoer who had been knocked out cold in another brawl, with blood seen coming from the youngster’s head as he lay face-down on the pavement. 

Bystanders tried to refrain the man from lifting the unconscious youngster up from the floor over their apparent concern it could make the situation worse for the injured victim before the arrival of medics.

But another partygoer wearing a grey t-shirt and navy shorts took the matter into his own hands and waded in with a powerful right hook to the man’s face, causing him to drop the unconscious youngster’s head on the ground.

Video shows how more youngsters waded in to fight in the brawl, with the partygoers frantically attacking each other with punches and kicks to their bodies.

Footage shows the youngsters swinging at each other in a frenzied fight that saw one man knocked unconscious and others kneed in the face

The two warring groups – two well-built men on one side and three smaller partygoers on the other – can be seen pummelling each other in front of a fast food takeaway joint.

At one point, one of the brawlers found himself outnumbered at the entrance to the takeaway and being put in a headlock by three revellers before being punched in the stomach.

But his friend, who had been filmed moments earlier unleashing a powerful right hook to the face of the man trying to lift the injured reveller from the ground, came running across and swung his right fist at one of the youngsters.

The blow knocked the youngster onto the counter of the pizza and burger takeaway and allowed the two more powerfully-built men to chase the others away as they fled the scene. 

The disturbing scenes occurred in the early hours of Saturday morning.

It was not immediately clear this morning if any British or Irish tourists had been involved in the orgy of violence.

Police could not be contacted to confirm whether they had made any arrests, but no-one involved is understood to have alerted local law-enforcement.

In May five police officers were injured during a mass brawl in Magaluf involving around 50 people.

Ten people ended up being arrested following the incident near a popular nightspot called Panama Jack.

One initial local report pointed to the incident being sparked by a fight between a group of North African youngsters and Spaniards – but a group of Portuguese holidaymakers were later described as the main troublemakers.

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