British man arrested in Majorca on suspicion of raping son's friend

British holidaymaker is arrested at Majorca airport on suspicion of raping his son’s female friend at a hotel in Magaluf

  • A woman, thought to be around 20, accused the British man of rape this week
  • He was arrested at Palma Airport after allegedly rushing to leave the island 

A British tourist has been arrested and remanded into custody by police in Magaluf this week on suspicion of raping a female friend of his son’s at a hotel, before allegedly attempting to flee the country.

The holidaymaker was held at Palma Airport in Majorca after packing his bags and trying to leave the island in a hurry hours after the alleged rape, which is said to have happened in the early hours of Tuesday.

The woman, who is also believed to be British, told detectives she was forced to have sex after falling asleep in her friend’s room – which had an internal door leading into his dad’s room.

The older man, thought to be 45, is said to have surprised his alleged victim, who is around 20, in the middle of the night after entering the room while his son was out partying.

The young woman is said to have fled the unnamed hotel and raised the alarm at a Civil Guard office near to the Punta Ballena party strip in Magaluf, according to local reports.

The attack is said to have taken place at a hotel for holidaymakers in Magaluf this week

The man was arrested at his flight gate at the Palma airport in Majorca (pictured, stock image)

Respected Majorcan daily Ultima Hora said officers took a statement from her before going to the hotel and finding the man they were looking for had already checked out of the hotel.

He was arrested at his flight boarding gate, having allegedly brought his holiday to a premature end by rescheduling his return to the UK days before he was originally due to leave by buying a new ticket home.

An investigating magistrate ordered his remand in jail after he was hauled to court for questioning during a closed session, in which the alleged victim gave her version of events.

Spain’s Civil Guard force have not yet made any comment about the incident and subsequent arrest, said to have happened on Tuesday.

Court officials could not be reached for comment this morning.

The man in custody, aged around 45, has not been named.

He has not yet been officially charged with any crime, as is normal in Spain where formal charges are only laid shortly before trial.

It is the latest in a string of incidents on the island. In March police arrested two men accused of robbing and sexually assaulting a British tourist in Magaluf in an incident described locally as a rape.

The pair are said to have ripped the 25-year-old woman’s dress and underwear and stolen her designer watch and jewellery before fleeing the scene as police arrived.

It follows a mass brawl on the island last weekend which saw 10 arrested and five officers injured

One police officer was injured when the suspects, two Colombians aged 19 and 24, resisted arrest.

The incident happened in the early hours of March 3 near to a bank in a street in Magaluf, a short walk from the famous Punta Ballena party strip.

The watch the British woman had on is said to have been worth nearly £2,000.

Last weekend five police officers were injured and 10 people were arrested in a mass early-hours brawl in Magaluf involving around 50 revellers.

Yobs were filmed trading blows and throwing missiles at each other as well as police.

Portuguese football hooligans were later described by detectives as the ‘main group that started the brawl’, which led to a Moroccan youngster being knocked unconscious by a Romanian man.

There were no reports of any British involvement in the violence.

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