Biden reveals the first time he heard an AI deepfake of his voice

Biden reveals the first time he heard a deepfake of his voice and asks ‘when the hell did I say that?’ President compares AI to science fiction as new ‘czar’ Kamala laughs

  • Biden warned about AI being used to ‘smear reputations’ and ‘deceive people’
  • He revealed that he had viewed AI-generated video of himself 
  • ‘When the hell did I say that?’ 

AI’s capacity to mimic real people has gotten so powerful that President Biden has even fallen for ‘deep fakes’ of himself, he said at the White House.

Biden revealed that he had viewed Artificial Intelligence-generated video during remarks as he prepared to sign sweeping new executive actions intended to reduce risks to consumers and national security.

‘It’s already happening. AI devices are being used to deceive people. Deep fakes use AI-generated audio and video to smear reputations,’ Biden said, and ‘spread fake news and commit fraud.’

‘With AI, fraudsters can take three seconds recording of your voice. I’ve watched one of me a couple of times – I said, ‘When the hell did I say that?”‘ Biden told a crowd of officials.

‘When the hell did I say that?’ President Biden said he had viewed AI-generated video of himself. He warned of potential abuse of the technology as he signed new executive actions

The line drew laughs from the crowd, including from Vice President Kamala Harris, who is set to travel to London to deliver what the White House is calling a ‘major policy speech’ on the Administration’s  ‘vision for the future of Artificial Intelligence and steps we are taking to achieve that vision.’

‘But all kidding aside, Biden continued, ‘three seconds recording your voice and generate an impersonation good enough to fool – I was gonna say your family – fool you,’ he said. 

Then he spoke about the capacity of the technology to fool people through scams. IT experts have also warned of the potential of abuse of AI technology in the political space. 

Vice President Kamala Harris laughed when Biden made the crack about watching himself. They each spoke at an event on artificial intelligence systems in the East Room of the White House, Monday, Oct. 30, 2023, in Washington

Harris is set to depart to London where the AI ‘czar’ will speak about the emerging technology

Biden’s Biden’s sweeping executive actions are meant to keep AI from being used to ‘exacerbate discrimination’ and to develop best practices to protect consumers and workers

‘I swear to God and you take a look at it. This is mind blowing. And they can use it to scam loved ones into sending money because they think you’re in trouble. That’s wrong. Everyone has a right to know when audio they’re hearing or video they are watching was generated or altered by AI,’ he said. 

Biden’s executive actions are meant to keep AI from being used to ‘exacerbate discrimination,’ to market products to children, and develop ‘best practices’ to protect workers.

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