Ben Affleck's 10-year-old son reverses pricey Lamborghini into parked BMW

Ben Affleck’s 10-year-old son is “fine” after a very close call in a Lamborghini.

Samuel Affleck was with Ben and his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez, at 777 Exotics, an L.A.-based luxury car rental dealership, on Sunday. The child, whose mom is Jennifer Garner, climbed into the flashy yellow ride via the driver’s side and the car, perhaps knocked out of gear, rolled back into a parked white BMW behind it.

After the roll, both Ben and Samuel examined the rear of car — and employees came over to speak with the Oscar winner. From the paparazzi videos and photos, there didn’t seem to be significant damage.

Ben’s rep tells Yahoo Entertainment that there were no injuries and there was no damage to the car. In a statement to Entertainment Tonight, the rep noted, “Everyone is fine.”

A dealership employee detailed the fender bender to the New York Post, saying, “When [Samuel] got into the car, it jerked back and forth. We have a small lot and the cars are close.” The Affleck-Lopez crew still “seemed happy” after the ding “and continued to browse. “Affleck loves cars. We hope they come in again.”

While everything ended up OK, we’re talking about a very pricy car. A 2022 Lamborghini Urus starts at $229,495. Car and Driver says the ride can reach a top speed of 190 mph but, as an SUV, it’s also “the most badass family hauler on the planet.” The BMW SUV is not exactly cheap either.

Since this went down, one cheeky commenter took to the rental company’s Instagram page and asked, on a photo of the Lamborghini, “Any discount after the accident? ?””>View this post on Instagram

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Seems doubtful — in fact, some people may now pay extra to rent the car Ben and J.Lo were in.

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