Armed cops rush to EasyJet plane landing from UK after pilot 'activates HIJACK alarm' | The Sun

AN EASYJET flight was surrounded by armed police at a Spanish airport – after the pilot reportedly accidentally activated a hijack alert.

Aound 20 National Police and Civil Guard officers swarmed the plane which arrived at Majorca's Palma Airport from Birmingham this afternoon.

Some cops pointed their weapons at the plane before speaking to the pilot through an open cockpit window.

Police were stood down after it was established the hijack alert was a result of human error, though the aircraft was thoroughly searched before passengers were allowed to disembark.

The easyJet plane had previously been diverted from the landing area after the 1pm alarm was sounded moments before it arrived in Majorca.

While it is unclear how the alarm was raised, pilots are believed to be able to ‘silently’ inform air traffic control of a potential hijack by transmitting a four-digit ‘unlawful interference’ code.

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EasyJet has been approached for a comment.

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