American mother reveals everything she finds weird about the UK

I’m an American mum living in the UK and there is a custom about your houses that I find REALLY weird

  • Jessica Wilkinson moved from Utah to England with her family in August
  • She is baffled by UK customs including a lack of plug sockets in bathrooms

An American mother-of-three who moved to England has revealed the British customs she finds odd.

Jessica Wilkinson, from Utah, was thrilled to cross the pond with her family of four in August, but there are still some things on British soil she finds confusing.

She now amuses followers by documenting all of the ups and downs of their move to England on TikTok.

Ms Wilkinson took to the social media platform to film a round-up of her most baffling moments – including discovering a lack of plug sockets in UK bathrooms. 

Jessica Wilkinson (pictured with her husband) made the move to Britain in August

No plugs in the bathroom 

Another baffling aspect of British life according to the American is that we have no plug sockets in our bathrooms.

She shared in the clip with over 1.3 million views: ‘There are no mirrors or outlets in our bathroom so I can’t plug in a blow dryer or a straightener’

Ms Wilkinson comedically quipped: ‘Queue extension cords!’

The American was stunned to find there were no open sockets in bathrooms meaning she could not straighten her air or use a blow dryer

Registering for School 

As a mother of three young children, enrolling them into a school was likely a top priority for Ms Wilkinson.

However, the content creator explained there was a lot of confusion on how to get her children into full-time education.

Ms Wilkinson found it odd that Britons organise their children’s education via the local council and not the school itself.

Advising future ex-pat parents, she said: ‘Whatever you do not try to register your kids for school through the school.

‘You have to go through the city be prepared to wait a long time for your placement.’

Ms Wilkinson also urged any potential ex-pats or visitors to be ‘prepared for oncoming traffic’ when driving on the narrow country roads (stock image)

Narrow country roads

It’s not just schools Ms Wilkinson finds strange, it is also our narrow country roads.

Tight lanes running through the British countryside aren’t quite the wide freeways Americans are more accustomed to. 

She warned ex-pats to be ‘prepared for oncoming traffic’. 

Many baffled Britons took to the comments to express their confusion after watching her round-up and warned the TikToker not to mix water and electric. 

‘Please don’t get an extension for the bathroom. We have a much higher voltage of electricity here – just dry your hair in your bedroom mirror.’

A second quipped: ‘I can’t get over why so many Americans struggle with us not mixing water and electric.’

But the mother-of-three warns you have to be more alert to potential traffic coming you way.

‘England has very narrow roads to get in between the villages, be prepared to pay attention to oncoming traffic,’ told the content creator.

Brits flooded the comments with confusion, with many urging the American not to mix water and electricity

Others were shocked to find out those across the Atlantic allegedly don’t focus behind the wheel.

One stunned user wrote: ‘Be prepared to watch out for on coming traffic? You don’t watch out for traffic in America?!’

‘It’s wild that you’ve had to learn to be prepared to pay attention to traffic,’ added another.

One jesting viewer commented: ‘We’re all vampires here in the UK, that’s why we don’t have them in the bathroom.

‘Hope this helps, just off to slumber now. It’s way past my slumber.’

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