Refinitiv and CCData Empower Institutional Investors with Granular Digital Asset Data

Bolstering the accessibility of digital asset data for institutional investors CCData, a prominent provider of digital asset data and indices, has unveiled its Level 2 (L2) Order Book data on Refinitiv’s Data Platforms, allowing institutional investors to access high-quality, trust digital asset order book data.

The news of the development, which deepens the digital asset data field, providing up to 99.8% coverage of the industry with the most exhaustive, detailed liquidity data to date, was shared via a press release.

The L2 Order Book data from CCData is a rich compendium of current buy and sell orders for an asset, strengthening the resources at the disposal of traders, investors, and financial institutions.

The expanded dataset aligns with CCData’s existing services on Refinitiv’s platform, which already include real-time and historical aggregated market data and comprehensive trading data from several licensed exchanges.

CCData’s model differentiates itself by focusing on maximum depth on both the bid and ask sides. As a result, it claims to provide detailed order book snapshots for any integrated exchange.

These snapshots are reportedly constructed once per minute per exchange, offering a continuous stream of data. CCData’s co-founder and CEO Charles Hayter was quoted saying:

We are proud to collaborate with Refinitiv to bring CCData’s market-leading digital asset data to its Workspace platform. Leveraging our expertise in digital asset data and research-backed methodologies, our collaboration represents a unique value proposition that brings trusted and transparent price discovery to market participants.

CCData’s digital asset data solution features an automatic order book calculator. This provides several order book metrics, including slippage, spread, and depth, which are calculated at various percentage intervals.

The firm’s aggregate price methodology is based on real-time and historical market data, covering the most liquid cryptocurrency pairs traded on over 300 exchanges. It also provides live trading data from 34 exchanges to the Refinitiv platform.

In addition, CCData offers aggregate and trade level history dating back to 2010. This includes more than 6,000 coins and over 250,000 crypto and fiat trading pairs, recorded on a daily, hourly, and minute-by-minute basis.

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