The MetaBeauts NFT Project Team Shares Their Challenges

The MetaBeauts NFT project is the first from Meta Sports League, LLC (MSL). The project was founded by  Todd Geisler, Graham Geisler, Jamison Geisler, and David Burns, a team of passionate hockey players and coaches on a mission to build a project that honors and gives back to their favorite sport. The bigger vision with the MetaBeauts NFT project is to create “the premier NFT community for hockey players, coaches, and fans.” They also strive to build a highly engaged, inclusive, and supportive community that offers holders ongoing benefits and financial support to hockey charities that support their mission. 

“The biggest challenges that we have faced thus far are learning how to build a following from scratch and communicating the concept of NFTs to individuals and business partners who have little knowledge of this digital asset,” explains the MetaBeauts team

In addition, understanding all the facets that are required for an NFT project takes research and resources. The pace of change in the NFT world is multiples greater than the change experienced in normal day-to-day business operations. The MetaBeauts NFT team has also had to pivot multiple times throughout the project to keep pace with the current trends in the NFT marketplace.

Moving forward, the MetaBeauts NFT team will look to the Meta Sports League as its umbrella company, which will encompass their larger vision. While the MetaBeauts NFT project is dedicated to helping make hockey more diverse and accessible to everyone, their bigger vision for the MetaSportsLeague is to be “the leader in bringing sports brands and athletes into Web3” and to change the structure of sports in Web3. By building a comprehensive ecosystem, the team will be able to help multiple projects thrive in the metaverse. 

Their aspirations for the MetaBeauts NFT project also include positively impacting the growth of hockey as a sport and including people around the world who do not have access to the necessary equipment nor access to learn and excel in hockey. The team wants to bring hockey to the countless millions of people around the world who have yet to experience the joy of skating and the thrill of competing on the ice. Ultimately, they have aspirations to make the Meta Sports League (MSL) the Web3 hub for sporting communities worldwide and provide gamers with the opportunity to earn while also having fun.

To other developers seeking to launch their own collections, the MetaBeauts NFT team’s advice is to focus on your uniqueness and authenticity. Allow adequate time and budget for proper planning of an NFT project. Double the time and budget, be flexible and know when to pivot if your plans don’t align with the NFT space. This is because what was the metaverse one month ago is often old news the next. You also might need to dedicate resources to organization, define roles, and have a system for keeping your team accountable to deliver results. If your team is deficient in any area, don’t hesitate to hire professionals with those skills as a core competency.

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